Khloé Kardashian's Fans Compare Her to Taylor Swift in New Photoshoot

Khloé Kardashian made her debut at a recent photo shoot and fans reckon she looks uncannily similar to pop superstar Taylor Swift.

A new photoshoot of Khloé Kardashian may be the inspiration for a certain singer-songwriter, as fans of the Kardashian family think she looks like Taylor Swift. Khloé was recently on the cover of Sorbet magazine, and fans couldn't help but notice how different she looked in the photo. The star's appearance has changed dramatically over the years, and while the famous family has often denied plastic surgery rumors, fans are well aware that Khloe has put a lot of work into it. The star also lost a lot of weight, much to the displeasure of fans as they felt it sent a negative message about body image to her mostly female followers.

However, the most talked about aspect of Khloé's photo is how similar she looks to Taylor. The popular Twitter account @Popbase tweeted a photo of Khloé, and many fans responded by mistaking the reality star for the pop star. "Think it's Tyler for a second, I've been a snapper since I was 4..." wrote one fan. Another called the photo their favorite photo of Taylor and joked that they were the same photo with one of the Khloé photos taken of the singer from a different photoshoot. Some others captioned the photo Khloé Kardashian (Taylor version), a reference to the way the singer titled her re-recorded album release. Another fan added: "For a split second we all thought it was Taylor's way."

The Kardashians Have A History With Taylor Swift

Some also thought Khloé resembled former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson. Other swifties claimed Khloé was deliberately trying to look like Taylor and accused the family of being obsessed with her. The Kardashian family has a tumultuous history with the singer. In 2016, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tried to clear Kanye by framing Taylor in a Snapchat edited video from a phone call Taylor didn't know was being recorded. Kim made it look like Taylor agreed to let Kanye sing lyrics about her that she publicly disapproved of. When the full call leaked in 2020, fans realized Taylor had been telling the truth.

Regardless of what fans say, Khloé looks gorgeous in the photo and has a very similar hairstyle to Taylor's, which suits her face perfectly. This isn't the first time Kardashian has been called out for copying someone else's look, so she may indeed be taking some inspiration from Taylor. At least this time, she looks similar To another white woman, because the family was blamed for appropriating black culture and often trying to look like a black or Hispanic woman. The Kardashians may bill themselves as style icons and fashion innovators, but they rarely create anything that hasn't been done first by someone else.

However, Khloé has sported bangs before, and while Taylor may have had bangs as her signature hairstyle over the years, she did not create the trend. Khloé also seems to be using the '70s shag style that many celebrities and fashion lovers have been wearing lately. Another thing to acknowledge is that while the Kardashians have a lot of say in their careers, photo shoots have their own stylists and photographers to style the looks, and they may decide to style Khloé that way Design style, whether they realize it or not no matter how much she looks like Taylor. Either way, the Kardashian star is rocking her new look just like Taylor.

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