JoJo's New Hero Gets Official Debut In New Year's Art

Illustrations released by Hirohiko Araki in celebration of the New Year include a first look at the new protagonist of Part 9 of his manga, JOJOLands.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans just got the best New Year's gift yet, an official sneak peek at the protagonist of the next installment of Hiroko Araki's acclaimed manga, JOJOLands. An illustration released by mangaka in celebration of 2023 teases the upcoming Part 9 of his generational saga, which begins on February 17, and includes a first look at the new protagonist.

The tradition of cartoonists publishing illustrations to celebrate the New Year is a tradition. Hiroko Araki took this opportunity to promote the upcoming Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 9 JOJOLands to his fans. The illustration features a rabbit (2023 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the lunar calendar), but Nobuyoshi Araki has drawn on this cute animal the silhouette of a mysterious man who is likely to be the protagonist of JOJOLands. The only thing that is out of the ordinary is a star-shaped barrette, which confirms what Araki said earlier: the protagonists of JOJOLands will be descendants of the Joestar family.

At the end of JoJolion, the final chapter of Chapter 8, Nobuyoshi Araki has announced the title of Chapter 9 and announced the official release date In the winter issue of JOJO magazine. JoJolion was conspicuously absent from the Joestar family, returning only for a brief appearance in the final few chapters as Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Johnny Joestar in Steel Ball Run. In an interview with Kono Mystery ga Sugoi (Annual Mystery Fiction Guide in Japan), Nobuyoshi Araki revealed that the descendants of Joseph Joestar will be the protagonists of Part 9, the characters that appear in the New Year illustrations.

The Joestar Bloodline Comes Back For JOJOLands

Another interesting detail drawn by Nobuyoshi Araki is the two palm trees, which may be a hint of the setting of the new series. However, back in 2016, the author joked that he wanted to set one of his future stories in Northern Europe or the Scottish Highlands, where palm trees are sure to be a rarity. Regardless, fans are currently going nuts, as Araki's (well-deserved) break after Part 8 is by far the longest in JoJo's 35-year history. JOJOLands will also follow a "new timeline" that begins at Steel Ball Run and continues at JoJolion.

After bringing JoJo's story back to Japan in part 8 to focus on the East, With the Kira and Kujo families, the Joestar lineage once again in the spotlight, it will be interesting to see if Part 9 revisits their centuries-old feud with Dio Brando in a new timeline. With JOJOLands set to begin serializing on Ultra Jump in February 2023, fans received the most unexpected New Year's gift, an early look at what the protagonists of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 9 will look like. ^More: JJBA: Shi Hai's resurrection to last-minute hype

Source: Hiroiko Araki on Twitter.

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