Jeff Goldblum's New Character Repeats His MCU Grandmaster Casting

Jeff Goldblum's role as the wizard in Wicked is sure to be interesting, and could potentially repeat his role as the MCU Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok.

It was announced that Jeff Goldblum will play the wizard in the upcoming Wicked adaptation, which could repeat his role as the MCU Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. Since his debut in 1974's Death Wish, Jeff Goldblum has become one of Hollywood's most beloved actors. His unique and charismatic delivery style and delivery of lines have made him a signature standout performer in numerous films, including Long Live the Eighth Dimension, The Fly, Jurassic Park, Independence Day and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

His portrayal of the wizard in Wicked only cemented the increasingly star-studded nature of both film productions. Based on Stephen Schwartz's hit musical, Wicked Wicked reimagines the story of the original Universal film The Wizard of Oz from the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda. Directed by Jon M. Chu, Ariana Grande stars as Glinda, Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba, Michelle Yeoh as Mrs. Morrible, and the addition of Jeff Goldblum to the cast will only further enhance the production's cachet.

Jeff Goldblum's Wicked Casting Repeats His MCU Role

Besides star power, it makes sense to cast Jeff Goldblum in Wicked. This is partly because the representation His potential for the role was already seen in his MCU debut. Goldblum has long had a reputation for being eccentric, and he brought that into full play in his performance as the Master in Thor: Ragnarok, and helped the character become a fun, quirky addition to the MCU. What's more, he's an arrogant tyrant who bases his empire on lies, which ultimately leads to him being belittled by the heroes of the story. In this way, the Grandmaster is similar to the great and powerful wizard of Oz.

Interestingly, it could also be said that Thor, Loki, and the Hulk are analogs of the Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, and Lion in The Wizard of Oz. This is because, like those classic characters, everyone is trying to get something important that they already have. The Tin Woodman wants a heart, while Thor is looking for his own strength to defeat his sister Hela. Meanwhile, Loki isn't as brainless as the Scarecrow, but also doesn't use his wits in ways that help him discover the larger truth about himself, while the Hulk/Bruce Banner moderates in Thor: Ragnarok. Fearing the possibility of being fully himself after most of the time

Why Goldblum Is A Perfect Wizard For Wicked

The wizard is a weird, pompous, and phony character, and the MCU's Grandmaster certainly offers a glimpse of that and more, enough to get Goldblum's cast excited. However, it's worth remembering that he's known for the quality of his character work and the eccentricity of his performances. So Goldblum might be a good fit for such a complex role. Granted, it might not be exactly what he did to the Master in the split Thor: Ragnarok, but there's reason to be optimistic that he'll have something fun and entertaining for the evil wizard to come.

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