Jawahir and Nick unfollow each other, why it's so hot

Too Hot To Handle season 4 stars Javashir and Nick's personal journeys on the show have been impressive, but things aren't looking rosy for Lana's latest winner.

Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici recently won season 4, but their relationship only lasted for a while after they unfollowed each other on social media Cracks appeared within a few weeks. When Javahir and Nick met on the show, sparks didn't fly immediately, as Javahir was attracted to Nigel Jones. However, as the dating contest continues, Javahir and Nick go from strangers to contestants with a real connection. They develop an emotional bond and both enjoy breaking Lana's strict rules.

Although Jawahir nearly separated from Nick to explore her interest in newcomer Shawn Wells, Jawahir and Nick ended up winning the reduced $89,000 for Too Hot To Handle season 4 after being selected as finalists along with Seb Melrose and Kayla Richart Jackpot. Too Hot To Handle fans have been intrigued by Jawahir and Nick's relationship since their Dec. 14 win. They've been curious to see if the two are still together today, especially since a season 4 reunion hasn't been mentioned yet. Sadly, Dutch model Jawahir and Michigan artist Nick may not be as close as they appear on the hit Netflix series, based on about their recent social media activity.

Jawahir Unfollowed Nick After He Liked An Instagram Comment

Like other famous and popular Too Hot To Handle co-stars, Jawahir and Nick are active on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Unfortunately, having a large public following means some online activity is easy to track. Just before Christmas, Reddit user u/AdBetter6632 retweeted a post from the now-deleted Instagram account @toohotteaa, suggesting that Nick liked a comment criticizing Jawahir's brief fling with Sean. "Direct your hatred towards Jawahir who has been flirting...[with] the guy she made Nick cry in the house," the comment read. They added, "Double standards are real asf."

Jawahir Responded To The Instagram Comment On Twitter

It didn't take long for Javahir to notice the drama brewing around Nick, though some fans don't believe that Javahir's liking for Nick on the show was taken for granted , but they noticed she unfollowed Nick's social media profiles after she spoke on Twitter. "Please also understand that you don't know the full story of our lives," Jawahir said in a tweet. She added: "I have a lot of thought for Nick and Sean and will always be there for them." Shortly after, Jawahir retweeted a message of support from @therealkimwells, saying, "Yes, We love watching Jawa and Nick on the show, but in the end Jawahir is the girl.

Nick Unfollowed Jawahir & Addressed Rumors Made Against Him

In the grand scheme of things, Nick's "likes" on Instagram meant little. Unfortunately for Nick, however, @toohotteaa tweeted about Nick being too hot to handle after he unfollowed her in response Several rumors about Journey (and his relationship with Jawahir). That account claimed that Nick had a girlfriend and was a cheater. In the middle of the holiday, Nick briefly responded to these allegations against him, suggesting that the situation affected over his Christmas celebrations. "Everybody has something to say about me, nobody knows me. Alone as fuck in here. Merry Christmas," Nick wrote in a now-deleted tweet, retweeted by Reddit user u/HotMousse5209.

Accusations Against Nick Were Quickly Retracted

48 hours later, the @toohotteaa rumor against Nick was retracted almost as quickly as it was posted. Shortly after Afterwards, the Instagram account was purged and deleted. "We can confirm that the rumors about him are not true," said their last post, which was captured by Reddit user u/baldforthewin. "He's a good guy and we're sorry Post these false allegations [against] him. "Is Nick threatening legal action like SK Alagbada in Love Is Blind, or The situation became too big to handle, and it became clear that after the events of Christmas, Javahir and Nick didn't end their relationship too hot to handle in a particularly good way.

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