Jack Ryan season 3 sums up the story of all fears better

Jack Ryan S3's Slug storyline echoes a similar, deadlier one in The Sum of Fears, though it's made better for various reasons.

Warning! SPOILERS about Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3 ahead.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 3 of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan echoes themes from many of Jack Ryan's previous films, but One storyline in particular was taken from 2002's "The Sum of All Fears" and made even better. While Amazon Prime Video's Jack Ryan has a different take on the titular character in his life and career than The Sum Of All Fears' Jack Ryan, at the heart of both stories are a group of people with close ties to the Russian military. Rogue factions attempt to subvert the developing world order. Those parallels gave Amazon Prime Video's Jack Ryan the opportunity to develop a storyline that echoed the sum of all the fears without it ending in tragedy.

Based on Tom Clancy's book of the same name, The Sum of Fears sees Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) as the beginning of his career, unlike Jack Ryan season 3's main character (John Krasinski) . As a reboot and distanced itself from previous Jack Ryan films, The Sum of All Fears both established Ryan's career change, leading him to work with high-ranking officers and introduce parts of the original story in Tom Clancy's books. In fact, Baltimore's Super Bowl nuclear explosion in The Sum All Fears mirrors events in the books, but it also has a facsimile of the controlled explosion from Jack Ryan season 3 episode 6.

How Jack Ryan Season 3 Did The Sum Of All Fears’ Story Better

Jack Ryan, season 3, episode 6, where he sees a more experienced Jack Ryan than Affleck's version in The Sum Of All Fears, so when he realizes where the rogue Russian faction seeking to rebuild the USSR intends to detonate warheads , he actually managed to negate Sokol's first move by having the nuke detonate in a tunnel instead of an inhabited town. Ryan's timing and planning basically prevented any loss of life other than the attackers, making Jack Ryan season 3's explosion a more rewarding end to the storyline. Instead, the sum of all the fears makes the ordeal even more confusing, as the attack is unexpected and it goes ahead.

The format of Prime Video's Jack Ryan also influenced the success of the storyline, as the threat builds up in Jack Ryan season 3 episodes 1 through 5, culminating in the thwarted attack in episode 6. The sum of all fears let the attack happen as the rogue faction intended, causing quite a lot of deaths, and almost nuking the US and Russia war. That made Ryan's plans even more confusing and hasty as he and senior U.S. officials wanted to go to war against Russia while trying to convince the Russian president not to do the same.

Why The Sum Of All Fears Was Ben Affleck’s Only Jack Ryan Movie

Since "The Sum of Fears" introduced Ben Affleck's version of Jack Ryan, while also borrowing some storylines from Tom Clancy's original book, this made the film easily stand on its own. Indeed, with the foiled plot to bring the US and Russia to war, the involvement of Ben Affleck's Jack Ryan ended in a foiled plot, there was no need for a follow-up film. Tom Clancy's book tells the story of Jack Ryan towards the end of his career as CIA chief, so there's no way a "Sum of Fear" sequel could follow the original order because they portray a completely different Ryan.

Also, it doesn't help that a potential sequel comes out less than a year after 9/11, so it might be considered insensitive to consider a big storyline involving a deadly attack on US soil. The sum of all fears isn't the last Jack Ryan reboot, but it's mixed The critical reception of Jack Ryan, who also didn't look particularly positively at Ben Affleck, didn't help stop the franchise from reintroducing the titular character in a different setting. Whether or not Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan will be the final Jack Ryan product for a while, season 3 did absolutely justice to the sum of all fears.

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