Iron Man: Every Injury to Tony Stark's Left Arm in the MCU

While Iron Man was injured multiple times during Robert Downey Jr.'s tenure in the MCU, Tony Stark's left arm was often disproportionately beaten.

Tony Stark, the man behind Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), has been badly injured several times in the MCU, but no part of his body has been hit more than Iron Man's left arm. In fact, the injury around Iron Man's left arm became a lingering Easter egg throughout the series - tied to a major twist that ended his character's arc. Even with the introduction of MCU Phase 5 reminding audiences that it has become a full phase of the MCU since Iron Man's death, his legacy ensures that he remains one of the most discussed Avengers.

The debate surrounding the significance of all Iron Man's left arm injuries has not abated. The focus is on Tony's left arm, with some speculation that these injuries hint at Iron Man's fate before Avengers: Endgame. More specifically, fan theories link the left arm to Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet. While these theories almost hit the mark, the critical moment involved the focus of the arm. Here's how Tony Stark injured his left arm in each of his major movies -- except for 2012's The Avengers, where his wrist didn't suffer abuse for a short period of time .

Iron Man (2008)

The first time Tony was seriously injured was in the movie that launched the MCU's Iron Man. After being held hostage by a group of terrorists in Afghanistan, Tony works with a captive to build an armor suit to help them escape. The suit, known as the Mark 1, and the arc reactor were critical to Tony's survival, and were the precursor to every Iron Man suit Tony Stark ever wore. He used it to fight terrorists while escaping the cave, but at one point, his left arm got stuck in a rock wall. Later in the film, Tony wears one of his more traditional Iron Man suits when he returns to Afghanistan. Iron Man was then directly hit by a tank's artillery in the left arm. After the incident, Tony was seen using ice packs on his arms and shoulders.

Iron Man 2 (2010)

In Iron Man 2, Tony learns that the arc reactor that keeps him alive and powers his suit is slowly poisoning his body. As his death loomed, he became more reckless, explaining his decision to take part in the Grand Prix of History in Monaco. During the game, Tony met Ivan Vanko, who had a hatred for the Stark family. Ex-con Ivan Vanko, also known as Whiplash, built two electric whips out of a miniature arc reactor similar to Tony's. Tony puts on his suit and takes on Whiplash in the middle of the track. During the fight, Tony Stark's left arm was hit by electric whips many times, and his armor was severely damaged.

Iron Man 3 (2013)

After his mansion was raided by Eric Savin in Iron Man 3, Tony was left with only his Mark XLII prototype mech, without the abilities he was used to. J.A.R.V.I.S. after being forced to submerge with the wreckage of his house and belongings. Take the suit while Tony is unconscious. Jarvis tried to follow the flight plan to find the Mandarin, but the plane crashed in Rose Hill, Tennessee. When Tony woke up, the suit was so badly damaged that he had to lug it to escape the cold. In addition to Tony Stark's left arm, Iron Man's arc reactor is also key, which saw the shrapnel removed from Tony's chest. And, at one point, Tony grabbed a handful of fresh snow and rubbed it on his left arm, which apparently still bothers him. although During the fight with Aldrich Killian later in the movie, Tony's uniform left arm is ripped off.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

In the MCU's second Avengers film, the group confronts siblings Ultron and Maximoff before they join the other side. Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, used her power to cause haunting visions to influence the Avengers team. Bruce Banner then transforms into the Hulk and wreaks havoc on the city. Tony tries to stop his friends using his special Hulk armor. The Hulk proved no match for Tony, tearing apart his armor, including the left limb of the Hulk Buster. Additionally, the movie remains a pivotal point in Iron Man's MCU timeline as Tony battles his own creation in Ultron.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America: Civil War is the first movie in which Tony mentions the problems with his left arm after years of injuries. While talking to Black Widow, Tony asked him if it was normal for him to have numbness in his left arm. To make matters worse, Tony Stark suffered a new injury to his left arm during the fierce battle between Team Stark and Team Rogers. In the heat of battle, Scarlet Witch uses her powers to throw A bunch of cars are in Tony. It certainly didn't help that he was pinned down by a downed vehicle, with one smashing directly into his left arm. By the end of Civil War, Tony's arm also bore the brunt of attacks from Hawkeye, Captain America, and Bucky Barnes. The character even wears suspenders in one segment of the film. Oddly enough, Civil War has an alternate ending, though sadly none of them saved Iron Man's left arm from the constant abuse.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Tony's arm problems are evident in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tony was a mentor to young Peter Parker, but the teen wanted to prove he was Spider-Man, so he targeted the Vulture smuggler himself. When he got into trouble, Tony had to send a suit to rescue Peter remotely while he was in India. During the Indian scene, the film shows close-ups of Tony's arm, showing his left hand shaking. When Tony met Peter directly after the ferry incident, he was still nursing his left arm and wrist.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

In contrast, Tony Stark's left arm suffered minimal damage in Avengers: Infinity War, but the nanotech suit covering it Destroyed during the battle with Thanos. After Star-Lord's blunder, Tony seemed to be the last man standing. He uses his boosters, shields and other nanotech powers - but it's not enough. Thanos destroyed most of the armor and trapped Tony's left arm. He then switched the armor covering his left arm to his right, forming a sword. Thanos responds by pulling out the sharp weapon and impaling Tony in the stomach before fleeing to Wakanda.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Although the entire MCU focuses on Tony's left arm, it's his right arm that suffers the most damage during the character's final heroic moments. Tony helped build another gauntlet to hold the Infinity Stones, hoping that if they got all six, they could undo the MCU event known as "The Draw." The surviving Avengers confront Thanos and his army outside the Avengers compound. Tony manages to get rocks for his glove, and snaps his fingers, eliminating Thanos and his army. The glove's energy scorched Tony's right hand before the wound spread throughout his body. This time, his left arm was unscathed, but Iron Man's injury proved to be too great Lots and lead to the character's infamous death.

Marvel What If...?

In Marvel's What If...? Season 1, Episode 5, "What if... Zombies?!" Iron Man's left arm is the first place the hero gets bitten by a zombie, and it's "in the blink of an eye." missed" moments. Zombie Iron Man's left arm is visibly flabby when the zombie first appears. While Zombie Iron Man eats and Tony Stark gets infected, the camera cuts off before showing any real gore, but it's implied that Zombie Iron Man must have been partially bitten on his left arm, meaning if… …How to do? It continues the legacy of Iron Man's left arm injury. Besides, what if...? Set within the MCU, but in an alternate universe, "What if... Zombies?!" This is Tony Stark's first and so far only appearance in the MCU, sacrificing his own lives to defeat Thanos.

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