Hugh Grant shares hilarious hot dog stalking story

Hugh Grant shares a hilarious story about a hot dog stalking him at a convention promoting Dungeons & Dragons: A Rogue's Glory.

Hugh Grant describes a disturbing hot dog stalking experience he encountered while promoting Dungeons and Dragons: Glory Among Thieves at San Diego Comic-Con. The beloved actor joins Chris Pine, Sofia Lillis, Régé-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, and more in this wacky adventure. Grant will play the presumably evil Rogue Forge Fitzwilliam, a human who proclaims himself King of Neverwinter. After a long career playing leading men in romantic comedies, the actor appears in this fantasy flick.

In a conversation with Collider, Grant spoke about his experience at a recent convention, saying he was nervous about attending San Diego Comic-Con while promoting Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Rogues because he felt "old ’ and ‘Dated’ compared with his co-star Pine, fearing his presence on stage would meet ‘Dead Silence. Pyne clarified that was not the case and said attendees were glad to have the opportunity to meet Grant. Grant insisted that "there was only one person at that convention... who really loved me," offering an anecdote that was both amusing and creepy. See Grant's comment below: ^The experiences described by the actors are both amusing and unsettling, unsurprisingly The internationally beloved Grant was in the spotlight at SDCC despite his anxiety about attending the convention. Grant has earned critical acclaim for his many successful projects over the decades, and although he is primarily known for his rom-com work, he has built a sizeable fan base and explored a wide range of different genres. Grant rose to fame in 1994 following the success of Richard Curtis' Four Weddings and a Funeral, which catapulted him into a glamorous lead role in romantic films.

"There was only one person at that convention who really loved me, and he was dressed for the whole three days as a hot dog. And he followed me wherever I went. I couldn't shake him. Do you remember the hot dog? I was terrified. I still have nightmares about him."

Breakdown Of Hugh Grant's Career

The actor appeared in several other Curtis films, including Love Actually and Notting Hill, among a string of other films. Despite the popularity he gained from these roles, the actor expressed some regrets about his true love day and bluntly stated that he hopes to start making "more interesting decisions" in his career. This seems to have led to his transformation into more dramatic and goofy roles, with memorable parts in Florence Foster Jenkins, The Gentleman and Paddington 2. He continues his honor in Dungeons and Dragons: Rogue, with another interesting and exaggerated role of Grant, according to the trailer.

Except Grant's film career is still thriving, earning praise for his roles in several miniseries, including British Scandal and Destruction. As far as upcoming projects are concerned, the actor will reunite with Guy Ritchie for Operation Fortune: War Tricks and continue his penchant for Jerry Seinfeld's offbeat comedy: No Frost: Pop Stuffing The Story of the Cake. Grant's recent cameo in Glass Onions: Into the Wild made him the talk of the internet, proving his continued relevance as a beloved actor, which explains the bizarre hot dog stalking he's experienced.

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Source: Collider

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