How to Reset Your Amazon Echo Dot (Each Generation)

There are two methods of resetting an Amazon Echo Dot, and every user should know what to do if it starts having problems. Here are the steps.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a useful smart speaker, but knowing how to reset the device if it becomes unresponsive can come in handy. Recall that the first Amazon Echo Dot came out in 2016 as a scaled-down version of the original Amazon Echo. The Echo Dot has become very popular due to its small size and built-in voice assistant. There have been five generations of the Amazon Echo Dot, three of which are now available on Amazon. These include the Echo Dot (3rd gen), Echo Dot (4th gen), and Echo Dot (5th gen).

Nonetheless, users should know how to reset an Amazon Echo Dot they own if it starts to malfunction. Users can reset the Echo Dot in two ways. First, they can perform a soft reset or restart the Echo Dot. If that doesn't work, users can reset their Echo Dot to factory settings. If your Alexa-enabled speaker is not responding to the "Alexa" hotword or performing voice commands, try a soft reset first. To soft reset or reboot the Amazon Echo Dot (all generations), unplug the power adapter and reconnect it after 10 seconds; however, if the device still doesn't work after rebooting, it's time to Do a hard reset.

Reset Your Amazon Echo To Factory Settings

Before performing a hard reset or restoring an Echo Dot to factory settings, users should know what model they have and where the physical buttons are located. Additionally, a hard reset erases all preferred settings and data stored on the device, which means users will have to set up the speaker once reset. Let's start with how to factory reset your Echo Dot (1st Gen). To do this, users need to take a paper clip and press the reset button on the bottom of the device until the ring light turns off. Users can leave the reset button once the light turns orange, which indicates that the Echo Dot is ready to be set up. ^Users with an Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation) must press and hold the volume down and microphone off buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds. The ring light on the device will turn off and back on, which means the device is reset and ready for setup. On all other Amazon Echo Dot speakers, including the third, fourth, and fifth generations, resetting is relatively easy. All the user has to do is press and hold the action button for approximately For 20 seconds, wait for the device to enter setup mode.

If users reset their Amazon Echo to give away or sell, it is critical to unregister the speaker from their Amazon account. Users should log out of their Amazon accounts before performing a hard reset. To do this, open the Alexa app on your smartphone, go to Settings, select Device Settings, and select your specific Echo Dot speaker. On the next screen, tap "Sign Out." Likewise, users can unlink their Echo Dot from Amazon's website on a computer by going to "Digital Content & Devices" and selecting "Manage Content & Devices." Next, the user should select "Devices", choose a specific speaker and log it out.

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