how old ginny and georgia actors compared to their characters

A lot of shows about teens feature adult actors in leading roles, but how old was the actor who played the leading role in "Ginny & Georgia"?

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ginny & Georgia season 2!

^ The show has often been criticized for casting adults in teenage roles, but how old were the actors who played the main roles in "Ginny & Georgia"? Netflix's Ginny and Georgia tells the story of the titular mother-daughter duo as they try to start a new life in the fictional New England town of Wellsbury while keeping dark secrets from their past. Ginny & Georgia follows Ginny and Georgia as they try to fit in, as Ginny and the other teens and Georgia and the adults. However, how do the ages of the Ginny and Georgia actors compare to their roles on the Netflix show?

While Ginny and Georgia's characters are primarily teens and adults, the show's main and supporting cast, with the exception of Austin, are all adults. Given some of the more "mature" scenes in which teenage characters are placed, such as those featuring sex or drug and alcohol use, it makes sense to have adults playing teens in Ginny and Georgia. But how much older are the actors than their characters in Netflix's Ginny & Georgia? Here are the ages of Ginny & the main and supporting cast Georgia was compared to the role they played.

Antonia Gentry starred in "Ginny & Georgia" as the main character Ginny Miller, the teenage daughter of Georgia who had typical high school problems and kept her mother's secret. Ginny, who is 16 years old and lives in Ginny and Georgia, celebrated her birthday on the first season of the Netflix show. Antonia Gentry was 23 when the first season of Ginny & Georgia aired, which means Gentry is now 25, almost 10 years older than Ginny.

Antonia Gentry as Ginny Miller

In Ginny and Georgia, the titular role of the Miller family matriarch Georgia is played by Brian Howie. Georgia was a teenager when Ginny was born, meaning she was probably in her early thirties with Ginny and Georgia. Brianne Howey's real age is actually comparable to her character on the Netflix show, as she was 31 when the first season of Ginny & Georgia aired. Howey is now 33, which means she's about Georgia's age.

Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller

Felix Mallard as Marcus Baker, one of Ginny's main love interests in both seasons of Ginny & Georgia. Although Marcus has a He is kind, but also has a dark side. In the Netflix series, Marcus turns 16 as he and his twin Max (Saravis Glass) celebrate their shared birthday in season 2. When Ginny and Georgia first hit theaters, Felix Mallard was 22, seven years older than Marcus. Compared to his high school character, Mallard is 24 years old in real life.

Felix Mallard as Marcus Baker

Max Baker is one of Ginny's best friends in Wellsbury, the "M" in MANG, played by Sara Waisglass in Ginny & Georgia. As much as Max cares about her friends, she has a tendency to be a little selfish, especially around her birthday. In Season 2 of Netflix's Ginny & Georgia, Max turns 16 with her twin brother Marcus. By contrast, Waisglass, like many of her co-stars, was 22 when Ginny & Georgia season 1 aired and is 24 this year.

Sara Waisglass as Maxine "Max" Baker

Austin Miller, son of Georgia and Gil Timmins and half-brother of Ginny, played by Diesel La Torraca in Ginny & Georgia. In the Netflix show, Austin is 9 and turns out to be a Harry Potter fan, so he sometimes wears glasses. diesel car Toraka is also 9 years old, as was the character he played in Ginny & Georgia season 1, which makes him 11 in real life.

Diesel La Torraca as Austin Miller

Scott Porter's Paul Randolph, the mayor of Wellsbury, never specifies his age in Ginny and Georgia. In the pilot episode of the Netflix show, Georgia said he looked like a "young Kennedy," meaning he was probably in his 30s or early 40s at best. Scott Porter (who also played Jason Street on Friday Night Lights) is about the same age as Paul, as he is 43 in real life.

Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph

In Ginny and Georgia, Joe, the owner of the Blue Farm Café in Wellsbury, is played by Raymond Ablack. Flashbacks from season 1 of Ginny & Georgia revealed that Joe and Georgia first met as teenagers when Joe was on a school field trip, which would make Joe similar to Georgia in his early 30s. In real life, Raymond Alblack is 33 years old, which puts him about the same age as his Ginny and Georgia character.

Raymond Ablack as Joe

Katie Douglas played Abby, one quarter of the friend group MANG, in Ginny and Georgia. Despite caring deeply for her friends, Abby was often ignored by them, suggesting it was affecting her mental health. Given that Abby is a high school sophomore like her other friends, Abby is either 15 or 16 at Ginny & Georgia. Like the other actors who played Ginny and the Georgia teenager, Douglas is 24 years old. After discovering at the end of Ginny & Georgia season 1 that Ginny had betrayed him and Marcus, Hunter spent most of season 2 trying to get over her. Hunter is also a high school sophomore, which makes him 16 on the Netflix show (in the pilot, he drives himself and Ginny to and from their first date). In real life, Temple was 24 when Ginny & Georgia first aired and is 26 now, 10 years older than his character on the Netflix show.

Katie Douglas as Abby

While Georgia Miller is primarily played by Brian Howie, in the Ginny and Georgia flashback sequence, teenage Georgia is played by Nicky Rummel. Teen Georgia has a wide age range from 15 to She first became pregnant with Ginny in her early 20s when she had an affair with Austin's father, Jill. Nikki Roumel is currently 22 in real life, making her the perfect age to play teenage Georgia in the latest Ginny & Georgia flashback.

Mason Temple as Hunter Chen

Ginny's father, Zion Miller, is played by Nathan Mitchell in Ginny and Georgia. While Zion loves Ginny and tries to be a good dad, he was a rolling stone until recently, when he settled down with the rest of the Miller family on the Netflix series. He and Georgia were both teenage parents when their daughter Ginny was born, with the former 17 when Ginny was born. That means today, Zion would be 33 years old with Ginny and Georgia. At 34, Mitchell is about the same age as his character Zion.

Nikki Roumel as Teenage Georgia

The other quarter of MANG was formed by Norah, who was played by Chelsea Clark on Ginny & Georgia. After the events of the Netflix show's season 1 finale, Nora stayed by Max's side throughout season 2, though she clearly missed the rest of MANG. because she is a In the Netflix series, Nora is a 15- or 16-year-old high school sophomore. Compared to her teenage character, Clarke was only 22 when Ginny and Georgia first premiered, and is now 24 in real life.

Nathan Mitchell as Zion Miller

In season 2 of Ginny & Georgia, Aaron Ashmore plays Gil Timmins, Austin's father, in prison for embezzlement and fraud. Jill's age in Netflix's "Ginny & Georgia" was not specified. However, in retrospect, Georgia was initially led to believe he was a good guy with a steady income job, so he was likely in his 20s or 30s, which would put him in his 30s or 30s or even in Early 40s today. While Jill's age, like many aspects of Jill's life, is unclear, Aaron Ashmore is currently 43 in real life.

Chelsea Clark as Norah

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Aaron Ashmore as Gil Timmins

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