How Godzilla's Show Introduced New Titans (According to KOTM)

A line from Godzilla: King of the Monsters explains exactly how AppleTV+'s Godzilla show introduces new titans to the MonsterVerse.

The continuity of the MonsterVerse has limited what AppleTV+'s Godzilla show can do, but a moment in Godzilla: King of the Monsters creates a way for a new Titan to emerge. Following the battle with MUTO in the 2014 film, a new live-action MonsterVerse series is expected to explore the aftermath of Godzilla's emergence and discovery of the Titans.

Since Godzilla's show takes place years before his battles with Ghidorah and King Kong, there can only be so much monster chaos in the series without breaking the canon. Presumably, Godzilla has disappeared from public view, and Monarch is only aware of 17 Titans (all in a dormant state) before the film's time frame. However, it's hard to imagine a Legendary-developed Godzilla series not delivering the titan action it deserves. But exactly who will be brought into the picture (besides Godzilla) and how their characters will play out remains to be seen for now.

Some Titans Could Be Awake In Godzilla's Show

Godzilla: King of the Monsters communicates how the new series will feature new Titans. Several of the monsters awakened by Ghidorah in the movie have yet to make it to the silver screen. in case In some of these creatures, their names refer to their known range. While it's generally believed that they've been lying idle for years, it's important to note that Vivien specifically states that "most" Titans were "in a state of deep dormancy" until they were discovered by the Monarch. In other words, some of these titans may have woken up at some point between 2014 and the start of King of the Monsters.

In this case, two of King of the Monsters' missing Titans would be eligible to appear on Godzilla's show. Possibly due to the commotion caused by the battle between Godzilla and MUTO, they may start to make a splash in the series and get Monarch's attention. This makes sense, since the show is expected to deal heavily with the monarch and his activities. In fact, the show could be about them investigating the existence of more Titans hidden underground.

Who Are King of the Monsters' Missing Titans?

Monitors in King of the Monsters confirm that the Monarch knows about 11 different Titans in addition to those seen in the film. Three of these first appeared in the Godzilla vs. Kong graphic novel prequel Godzilla: Dominion, while the other eight did not. Any form. These include Mokele-Mbembe, Baphomet, Abaddon, Leviathan, Bunyip, Typhon, Sekhmet and Yamata no Orochi. If any of these were introduced, Apple TV+'s Godzilla show could use the mythological connotations of their names to create some truly unique and menacing designs. Alternatively, one of these monsters could serve as the MonsterVerse's interpretation of a classic Toho kaiju, such as Gigan or Anguirus. Their names in King of the Monsters may just be code names assigned by the Monarch, so it wouldn't be too hard for the MonsterVerse to regroup them into the Toho monsters.

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