HOTD Season 2 Could Finally Solve Alicent Hightower's Biggest Mystery

House of the Dragon season 2 can finally solve one of the great unsolved mysteries about Queen Alison Hightower in George R.R. Martin's Fire and Blood.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for House of the Dragon and George R.R. Martin's book Fire & Blood!

House of the Dragon season 2 still has many mysteries to unravel about its main characters, including one about Queen Alicent Hightower's family. While George R.R. Martin's Fire and Blood book has revealed the main storylines, rumors, and eventual fates of most of Dragon House's characters, there are many more questions the series can ultimately answer. Since Fire & Blood skipped the childhoods of many of Dragon House's adult characters, such as Daemon, Viserys, Alicent, and Criston, the HBO show can finally reveal their missing backstories.

Queen Alison Hightower remains one of the most mysterious characters in Fire and Blood and A House of Dragons, and little is known about her life before she came to King's Landing. By the time House of the Dragon begins, pretty much all that is known about the teenage Alicente is that she was loyal to the Faith of the Seven, that her father Otto used her for political gain, and that her mother died when she was very young . Now that the psychological and real history of Alison Hightower's life is being explored, House of the Dragon Season 2 can finally solve one of its biggest mysteries about her childhood.

Who Is Alicent Hightower’s Mother?

A young Alison Hightower often spoke of her grief at losing her mother at a young age, despite the fact that little is known about her other than her religious beliefs, Alison continues. Otto occasionally tells Alicente that she looks like her mother, but that's the most that Dragon Palace season 1 really reveals about her. As Alicent gains greater power in the kingdom during House of the Dragon season 2, the mystery of her late mother's identity finally needs to be unraveled.

Neither House of the Dragon nor George R.R. Martin's Fire & Blood give any indication of who Alicent's mother is. Considering she was married to Otto Hightower, the second son of the powerful ruler of Oldtown, she is thought to have been a noble lady in the Reach, although no mention of her figure suggests she came from a slightly smaller family. House of the Dragon highlights many families that lost power or became extinct before Game of Thrones, so it's possible that Alison Hightower's mom also came from a family that became obscure even in the prequel's timeline family.

Why Alicent’s Mother Could Be Big For The Targaryen Civil War

found The identity of Alicent's mother is important to gain a better understanding of the character's background in House of Dragons, but it may also be significant in the civil war between Rhaenyra and Aegon. House of the Dragon season 2 will continue to see the Greens and Blacks recruiting various families across the kingdom for their cause, though it's not clear who else Alicent will attract after Otto has already called Oldtown's standard-bearers to Aegon's side . However, House of the Dragon's revelation of which family Alicent's mother came from could be important in winning another family to Aegon II's cause.

Alicente has the power of Oldtown due to her father, but it would be a bigger addition to her story if her mother's family were actually there for her in her time of need. As the Targaryen civil war continues, Alicent appears to be moving further away from the influence of Otto and House Hightower, so seeing her tied to her mother's legacy could be her way of rebelling from within the Green Party. As family history, bonds between children and parents, and loyalty are major themes of the series, the civil war in House of the Dragon Season 2 will It would be even more interesting if Alicent repossessed her mother's house.

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