HIMYF season 2 trailer has great news for Sophie and Jesse

After the season 1 finale of How I Met Your Dad, new looks for Jesse and Sophie set up a promising future for the duo in season 2.

A new look for Hulu's Daddy's Daddy's Honestly Love Season 2 hints at a positive twist for Sophie and Jesse's future. Season 2 of How I Met Your Dad debuts on Hulu on January 24 and will feature 20 exciting episodes instead of the 10 episodes of season 1. Ahead of the premiere, Hulu released several photos from the season 2 premiere of How I Met Your Dad, including a shot of Sid and Jesse at a bar and Sophie and Valentina in the season 1 finale In the gallery shot, Ellen shaves Charlie, and Sophie and Jesse drink wine in Ted and Marshall's old HIMYM apartment.

Sophie and Jesse were last seen in the first season finale of How I Met How I Don't Do My Dad, where the two go from almost being a couple to rekindling their relationship. After sleeping together, Jessie pulls up a classic Mosby and accidentally says "I love you," scaring Sophie off too quickly. After running into HIMYM's Robin Scherbatsky at the MacLaren bar, Sophie realizes she still wants to give Jesse a chance in a relationship, but when she returns to Jesse's apartment, he's kissing his ex-girlfriend, Meredith. after At Sophie's gallery show that night, Jesse doesn't show up, but her former Tinder date, Ian, does.

Sophie & Jesse Could Still Get Back Together In Season 2

With Jesse appearing to be back with Meredith and Sophie likely to start a relationship with Ian, Dad, Dad, Honestly, Dad's season 1 finale suggested their relationship was tentative it's over. However, footage of Sophie and Jesse drinking together suggests that they are on good terms when How I Met Your Mother season 2 begins, making it more likely that they will officially begin a relationship soon. While the timing of their romance didn't play out in How I Met Your Dad Season 1, their continued friendship after acknowledging their feelings means they could finally be in season 2. lovers. ^It's unclear how Jesse will explain kissing Meredith, but it's likely that it was just a time for him to realize that he can never get back with his ex again. Still, it makes sense for Sophie to be mad at Jesse after seeing him kiss Meredith, since he only said he loved her a few hours earlier. Likewise, Jesse won't be happy to see Sophie jump back into Ian's arms night. However, the How I Met Your Dad season 2 teaser hints that they'll move on from this moment soon, creating the opportunity for Jesse and Sophie to become a couple later in the season.

While it was inevitable that Sophie and Jesse would become a couple in How I Met Your Mother, that didn't happen in the season 2 premiere. With the back-and-forth between the couple in the How I'm Really Honest Season 1 finale, it would be a mistake to quickly iron out the twists. Instead, the first few episodes of How Diddy Diddy season 2 needed to explore the ramifications of what happened between the characters in the finale, including Sophie and Ian potentially exploring a relationship and Jesse and Meredith reuniting.

Why Sophie & Jesse Can’t Be Together In HIMYF’s Season 2 Premiere

Sophie and Jesse will find a way to get back together, but they still have different relationships to end before becoming the main couple of How I Met Your Dad. Similar to how Marshall and Lily didn't get back together until halfway through HIMYM season 2, Jesse and Sophie still have to deal with the issues that led to them falling into someone else's arms in the season 1 finale. However, in the end, Season 2 of How I Met Your Dad is the right time for Sophie and Jesse to start a relationship.

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