Hades 2: How Melinoë differs from Zagreus

Hades 2 will likely play very differently, with Melinoe taking the lead instead of Zagreth, and its public trailer shows off new weapons and powers.

As the protagonist of Hades 2, Melinoë looks different in many ways compared to Prince Zagreus, the protagonist of the original Hades. Aside from the fact that they both have different goals, their mythological inspirations may hint at a further gap between the two. Knowing these differences, playing Melinoë could prove to be a huge change from the first game.

Hades 2 looks set to continue the mythic roguelike action of the first game. Melinoë, the previously unmentioned sister of Zagreus, is on a quest to defeat Kronos, an escaped titan who is a threat even to the gods themselves. Like Zagreus before her, Melinoë will be assisted by a group of allies culled from Greek mythology, and Hades 2 has revealed some new gods who will help her. Only a handful are known so far - Hecate and Nemesis are the main characters - but the supporting cast will certainly be as strong as in the previous game.

Melinoë Will Bring A Different Style To Hades 2 Compared To Zagreus

The first thing to note is that Melinoë's arsenal is definitely different from Zagreus's. In the trailer, Melinoe wields both a dagger and a sickle. none of these Available in the last game, so this already makes her fighting style different from Zagreus. This could point to an entirely different set of weapons and abilities unique to Melinoë. This will help make the game feel fresh, rather than like a refurbishment of old ground. Considering the gorgeous designs of Melinoë's known weapons in Pluto 2, she'll hopefully have an exciting arsenal in the sequel.

Melinoë's Witchcraft Will Make Hades 2 Different From The Last Game

Another possible source of Melinoë's powers is her mythological inspiration. Melinoë is known in mythology as the Moon Goddess, shared with only one other character, Hecate. Ironically, Hecate was Melinoë's mentor in Hades 2, and Melinoë can be seen wielding a staff similar to hers in the gameplay footage. Given Hecate's association with magic and witchcraft, this may indicate that Melinoe was a warrior who preferred magic to Zagreus. There's some evidence for this, as the trailer shows Melinoë using a variety of spells in battle. Considering who Hecate was in Hades 2, it makes perfect sense for Melinoe to be the master of magic.

Melinoah's mythological abilities hint at another ability she could use in combat. She is said to have the ability to induce terrifying nightmares with her magical powers. While this doesn't sound like something you could use in a roguelike, there are several possible explanations for this power. She can have spells that temporarily put enemies to sleep, or deal damage over time, similar to Dionysus' hangover effect from the first game. It can also be a source of follower items.

Knowing who Melinoë from Hades 2 is, her nightmare powers, if implemented, could bring a darker edge to her adventures. Melinoë is a character with fascinating potential, and her gameplay differs from Zagreus in a number of ways. Even following the same roguelike structure as the previous game, Melinoë's unique abilities make her feel completely different. Let's hope Hades' daughter can reach her full potential in Hades 2. ^More: Hades 2: Everything in the original Hades builds on the sequel^Source: Supergiant Games/YouTube

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