Greg Austin Interview: The Hunter Season 2

Greg Austin reveals how he came to play neo-Nazi Travis Leich and how the character grew between seasons of The Hunter.

Nearly three years after the series first premiered on Prime Video, The Hunter is finally back with even bigger action. The series introduces an eclectic group of characters who are hunting down Nazis who have gone into hiding after escaping justice after World War II. However, just like today, The Hunters also featured new additions to the Nazi regime, including Travis Leitch (Greg Austin).

As it turns out, Travis is a particularly dangerous man, willing to torture and kill anyone within his sight, whether or not it is part of his mission. Travis ended the first season in prison, apprehended by FBI agent Millie Morris as he worked to gain new support for the neo-Nazi movement. The final season of The Hunter will delve into the shocking revelation that Hitler is alive, and how that affects both the Hunter and surviving Nazis as well as neo-Nazis like Travis.

Screen Rant spoke with Greg Austin about Travis Leich's ambitions in The Hunter season 2. Austin details how he played the neo-Nazi and what inspired him to take on the role in the first place. Austin also shared how Travis has changed between seasons and what it means to him that Hitler is alive.

Greg Austin on Hunters Season 2

Screen Rant: Travis is Just as scary as the first season, if not scarier. Can you tell me how Travis has changed this season?

Greg Austin: Yeah. He's matured is the best way of putting it, I suppose. Season one, I felt like he was understanding himself, he was on the road to developing who he was and what he valued. And the gap between season one and two, where he's been in prison, he's really solidified his stance and his motives and his path forward.

Your character matters, especially today. Did you get inspiration for Travis from anyone in the real world or a fictional character?

Greg Austin: Well, originally when I crafted Travis, it was Ted Bundy was my main inspiration. Just I wanted a well-known psychopath that I could investigate and fully try and understand. Ted Bundy was a big inspiration for the character. Nowadays, I wouldn't name anyone specifically because it feels like there are a lot of people that this character could reflect upon, which is scary. And it just means this show is even more pertinent and topical nowadays than it has been.

What does it mean to Travis that Hitler is alive?

Greg Austin: That's ultimately his goal. He is working his way up to become a leader within this movement. And so ingratiating himself with the one and only is clearly where he's intending to go. He wants the power, he wants the status. What better way than to go to Hitler?

I always find it interesting to talk to actors who play evil characters, because they are always the heroes of their own stories. Can you talk to me about how you found your vision and approach to Travis?

Greg Austin: Perfectly put. I get that question a lot from people, it's like, "How do you empathize with someone with no empathy?" I like to think I'm an empathetic person. And so I like to think I can try and envision anyone's circumstance to understand it in a way that they become the hero of their own story, their own protagonist. And he entirely feels that's what he is. He is the main character in his mind. So it's approaching it from that, just with empathy. Even if a character is devious and debaucherous and the worst version of humanity, they still have motivation, they still are a human being, and they're still having an experience. So it's about understanding that and just doing it as truthfully as possible.

About Hunters Season 2

A group of Nazi hunters track down and bring justice to those who fled after World War II. After their leader was revealed to be a Nazi and betrayed while going into hiding, the Hunters are on a final mission to eliminate their most dangerous target yet, Adolf Hitler.

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