Glass Onion star tries out Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc accent in hilarious video

Daniel Craig and his co-stars in Netflix's "Glass Onions: Wilderness Action Mystery" try to imitate Benoit Blanc's accent in a hilarious new video.

Daniel Craig's 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' co-star tries to impersonate Benoit Blanc in hilarious new video ) accent. During the recent holiday season, the long-awaited arrival of Rian Johnson's Glass Onion, a sequel to 2019's Knock In The Wild, albeit one that told its own full-fledged standalone story, arrived. Craig returns as renowned Detective Benoit Blanc to face an all-new group of suspects, including Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Katherine Hahn, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom Jr., Madeleine Kline and Jessica Henwick.

Benoit Blanc has established himself as a beloved character, instantly recognizable for his deep Southern accent. Now, a new video from Still Watching Netflix sees Craig's co-stars give their best impressions of Benoit's accent. The video shows Kline, Henwick, Odom Jr. and Hudson all attempting to emulate Benoit's signature drawl, repeating some of Craig's most memorable lines from "The Glass Onion." Every star went all out, and Odom and Henwick were undoubtedly the most impressive. Check out the video below.

Why Playing Benoit Blanc Is Perfect For Craig's Post-Bond Career

In 2021, Craig stepped down from the role of James Bond, having played the iconic MI6 agent since 2006's Casino Royale. Craig's impressive five Bond films, including His final performance in 2021's No Time To Die had been planned to end with Bond's first on-screen death, which Craig was eager to execute from the start. decision, as it permanently cemented the actor's retirement in 007. As coveted as the 007 role is, it's clear Craig is eager to connect his name to other characters and stories. As such, the Knives Out series certainly set the veteran actor up for some pretty exciting action.

Playing Benoit Blanc allowed Craig not only to flex his comedic muscles, in contrast to a particularly serious James Bond, but also to play in a setting that was very different from the world of 007. While the mystery and problem-solving aspects may have followed Craig into this new project, Johnson's clever writing twisting the classic detective genre into something almost entirely new was the perfect springboard for Craig, creating a team that could even one day be with Bon The most memorable performance in the role of the German competition. Glass Onion has been a huge success on Netflix since its release, and as Craig expands, he gets his fair share of accolades Benoit Blanc's character goes beyond Knives Out's first portrayal.

This hilarious video from the cast of Glass Onion is certainly hilarious, and goes some way to proving that Craig can consistently master Benoit Blanc's thick accent. With Glass Onion still fresh in viewers' minds, Johnson recently revealed that he's in the early stages of figuring out what Knives Out 3 will look like. A third installment is expected to follow in Glass Onion's footsteps, with a brand new ensemble cast and its own standalone story, and it remains to be seen who Benoit Blanc will rub shoulders with next.

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