Gilmore Girls: Everyone on Lorelai Dated All 7 Seasons (and AYITL)

Everyone knows who she ends up with. Here's everyone Lorelai Gilmore dates throughout Gilmore Girls (and its spinoff series).

Throughout the seven seasons of "Gilmore Girls" and its revival series "A Year in the Life," Lorelai Gilmore has indeed seen the romance she deserves: Here's Lorelai on both "Gilmore Girls" and " A Year in the Life's breakdown of all the men I've dated. While most Gilmore Girls viewers are likely to divide Lorelai's endgame between Team Luke and Team Christopher, the others she dated over the course of Gilmore Girls shouldn't be forgotten. Even though some of them appear for a shorter period of time compared to the main love interest, everyone Lorelai dates throughout Gilmore Girls ends up being important to her character development.

"Gilmore Girls" wouldn't be "Gilmore Girls" without the love stories, especially the ones that make the show's viewers decide which side their favorite characters should ultimately take. Gilmore Girls viewers sparked a similar debate over the course of the show about Lorelai's own boyfriend, as questions arose about which of Rory's boyfriends was better for her between Dean, Jesse, or Logan. Lorelai may not be following the mainstream relationship trajectory and finds herself navigating the dating world with her teenage daughter She was the sole parent figure after she gave birth to Rory as a teenager herself.

Christopher Hayden

Christopher Hayden was Lorelai's first boyfriend. The two knew each other before Gilmore Girls started, as the two had known each other since they were kids and dated in high school. In fact, Christopher is Lorelai's high school boyfriend and Rory's father. After learning that 16-year-old Lorelai is pregnant, he is willing to marry Lorelai according to his parents' wishes and start working with Lorelai's father, but Lorelai refuses. They broke up presumably before Rory was born. When Gilmore Girls started when Lorelai was 32, Christopher proved to be an estranged father, occasionally involved in Rory's life.

Over the course of Gilmore Girls, Christopher and Lorelai dated several times as adults, but both failed. Their relationship seemed to kick off at the end of season 2, with Christopher admitting that he still loves Lorelai. However, when Christopher found out that his girlfriend Shirley was pregnant, he left Lorelai to focus on his new family. They later reconnected and eloped spontaneously Get married in Paris on Gilmore Girls season 7. It wasn't the happy ending some Gilmore Girls viewers were hoping for, as the pair later divorced but remained friendly.

Max Medina

In season 1, Lorelai meets Rory's new English teacher, Max Medina, in Chilton. At the beginning of Gilmore Girls season 1, the two seem to immediately think Max is Lorelai's first love. After considering the impact of their relationship on Rory, the two began dating in Episode 5 before parting ways in several episodes. Rumors of the couple dating spread at Rory's school, which led to Chilton's principal threatening to fire him , Lorelai fears that she and Rory have gotten used to Max's presence in their lives.

A few months later, late in Gilmore Girls season 1, Lorelai and Max began seeing each other again. After Lorelai finds him, they decide to date again, but things start slowly between them. The couple dated until the start of season 2, with Max proposing to Lorelai in the season 1 finale. She accepted his marriage proposal and has been planning all summer The wedding, because Max also becomes closer to Rory. However, in the episode that made fans dislike Lorelai, Lorelai left town with Rory the day before the wedding and called off the wedding, ending her relationship with Max at the start of Gilmore Girls season two.


Runes are easily forgotten among the other people Lorelai has dated. Rune appeared in the first two seasons of Gilmore Girls as Jackson's eccentric cousin who was visiting him in Star Valley. When he and Sookie can't get away from Rune the night of their first date, Jackson brings Rune along, turning the night into a double date with Rune and Lorelai. At first, Lorelai agrees to help her friend, but soon regrets it. Despite not working as a couple, Lorelai later hired Rune in Gilmore Girls to work at the hotel.


As one of the cast's many cameos on Gilmore Girls, Paul only appeared in one episode in Season 2. Similar to Rune, Paul wasn't a memorable date for either Lorelai or Gilmore Girls fans. However, Paul is still quite An important figure in Lorelai's life primarily becomes her first date after breaking off her engagement to Max earlier this season. Another reason Paul still has a big role in the show is that he's much younger than Lorelai, making him the butt of jokes for the people of Stars Hollow. throughout the episode.

Peyton Sanders

Seemingly charming at first, Peyton appears in Lorelai's life in Gilmore Girls season 3. Lorelai met him at her mother's charity auction and became interested in him. In the same episode, Peyton and Lorelai date but Lorelai finds her uninterested as she realizes they have nothing in common. Although Lorelai's parents, Emily and Richard, wanted her to date Peyton because of their social status and relationship with his parents, she chose not to see him after that date, which led to The many arguments between Lorelai and her parents.

Alex Lesman

At first, Alex Lesman seemed like the perfect match for Lorelai. The two met in season 3, when they both took a class on how to run a hotel and had an affair with Sookie and Alex's friends catch up. However, while their date seemed to be going well, their shared love of coffee and similar sense of humor wasn't enough to make them the perfect couple. Alex quickly disappeared as the season progressed, as he was only mentioned when Lorelai met Max. It's unclear what happened to the couple, as Gilmore Girls never really explained why or how the two broke up.

Jason Stiles

Rory went to Yale instead of Harvard at the end of season three. As such, season 4 brought many changes to Gilmore Girls' lives. Jason Stiles was one of the new characters introduced in Gilmore Girls season 4, but he and Lorelai are said to have known each other as kids at summer camp. When they meet as adults, Jason is Richard's business partner and thus rivals Jason's father's company, and immediately expresses interest in dating Lorelai. Although she was hesitant at first because Jason represented the world Lorelai wanted to escape, the two ended up dating in the show's fourth season.

As they continued dating, Jason wanted to announce it to Lorelai's parents, and couldn't understand why Lorelai was Hesitant to do so, not wanting to involve her parents in her personal life. Her parents and love life inevitably intertwine again in Gilmore Girls, as Jason does work with Richard, leading to Jason's father threatening Richard's business. Later, this rivalry led Richard to a deal with Jason's father that would exclude Jason from all of his business ventures. In turn, Jason decides to sue Richard for his actions, which causes Lorelai to break up with him and end their romantic relationship.

Luke Danes

Luke Danes is the last person in the Gilmore Girls timeline to have a relationship with Lorelai, but he remains present in both Lorelai's and Rory's lives throughout the show. As owner of the local Stars Hollow restaurant, Luke hosts Lorelai and Lori almost every day. Not only that, Luke became Lorelai's friend and confidant, and also a parent in Lorelei's life. Despite the odds, such as the presence of Christopher in Lorelai's life, Lorelai and Luke finally start dating at the beginning of season 5. After a brief breakup, Lorelai and Luke reconcile and start dating again, and Lorelai proposes to Luke.

Lorelai finds out their first engagement fell through Luke's daughter April comes out as gay, which leads to another breakup. Eventually, they dated again, but as Gilmore Girls viewers discovered in the spinoff A Year in the Life, their nine-year relationship never ended in marriage. After some uncertainty about the future of their relationship, Lorelai realizes they should get married. They planned their wedding, but ended up getting married the night before in the final episode of "A Year in the Life," which marked Lorelai and Luke's romantically happy ending on Gilmore Girls.

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