Gerard Butler Faces Strong Danger In Airplane Clip [Exclusive]

Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip of Plane, starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter as they deal with the aftermath of the plane crash.

Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive new clip from the upcoming feature film Airplane. See Gerard Butler as the captain of a plane that crashes on an isolated island in the Philippines in this new action movie that propelled him to stardom. Butler will have to survive in the jungle alongside Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Jose Ann (Mulan) and Daniela Pineda (Jurassic World: Dominion). Plane will be released by Lionsgate on January 13th.

When Plane begins, Captain Brodie Torrance (Butler) thinks the most unusual thing about the flight he's piloting is transporting fugitive Louis Gaspare (Colter). But after a lightning strike causes the captain to make an emergency landing on a remote island, the survivors' problems are just beginning. When the rest of the passengers are kidnapped by a gang of dangerous rebels, Torrance is forced to turn to Gaspare for help. Together, they must survive not only the rebels but the jungle island itself if they are to free their brethren.

What To Expect From Plane

Survivors are in dire peril in this exclusive clip from Screen Rant. They survived the crash landing but are now surrounded by men with guns. A sort of Crew member Dele (An) claims to be in charge, as Torrance and Gaspare hide in the nearby greenery. The rebels point guns at the survivors and demand to see the flight's passenger manifest, which is eventually handed over by another crew member, Bonnie (Pineda). Gaspare stops Torrance hard, and the gang leader demands to know where Captain Brody Torrance is. It was clear that Torrance was more than willing to rush into danger, while Gaspare was more sober, understanding that there was nothing the two could do to help their fellow man at this point.

The trailer for Plane shows the dangers in the film more broadly. What seemed at first glance to be a fairly routine flight for Captain Brody Torrance, was taken by surprise by Luis Gaspar, a fugitive of 15 years who is now on the run. extradited to the United States. A lightning strike forced the captain to make an emergency landing, and unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the problems on the plane. Shortly after the crash, survivors found the remote island they landed on In fact, a group of rebels inhabit the island, so dangerous that the Philippine government almost abandoned it. When the insurgents take most of the remaining passengers hostage, Torrens and Gaspare must work together to rescue them, and save themselves. They must survive together, or die alone.

Action thriller "Airplane" promises to keep audiences on edge, tense with every frame. The movie kicks off what looks to be an exciting lineup for Lionsgate in 2023. Their action-packed slate this year includes the highly anticipated fourth installment in Keanu Reeves' thrilling John Wick franchise. In the fall, 2023 will also see an expansion of the beloved Hunger Games franchise, as well as the highly anticipated prequel Song of Songbirds and Snakes.

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Plane opens in theaters Jan. 13.

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