Flash Fan Art Imagines Lucas Till as the Next Scarlet Speedster in the DCU

Thrilling new Flash fan art imagines X-Men: A-list actor Lucas Steele as the next Scarlet Speedster in James Gunn's rebooted version of the DCU.

A stunning fan art depicts X-Men: First Class star Lucas Steele as The Flash, giving a good look at what the character might look like in the new DC Universe. Along with announcing DC Studios' new co-CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran, they also revealed that they're looking to reboot the existing DCU. The first major casualty of this transition came in the form of Henry Cavill's break from the role of Superman. With the future of several DC characters in the balance, it's possible that a rebooted version of The Flash could pop up in the new DCU.

Artist SPDRMNKYXXIII shared an amazing model of Gunn's DCU Flash Till on Instagram. Thiel's imaginary suit for The Flash adds a fair amount of white to the character's signature red and gold color scheme. The proposed suit would be a departure from Ezra Miller's movie outings, though the art bears some resemblance to Miller's updated suit in the upcoming Flash movie. The main aspect that brings the two suits together is the electricity generated by The Flash's ability to roam freely around the suit. Check out the full artwork below: ^There are quite a few There are several reasons why Till is an excellent choice against Barry Allen in the new DCU. One of them is that the character from DC Comics bears a strong resemblance to Till, which is easily intriguing to comic book readers, since Miller, and even TV's Flash Grant Gustin, don't look particularly like the character. Thiel's previous film and TV roles show that the actor has the necessary skills to bring Barry to life.

Why Lucas Till Would Be Great As The Flash

Thiel has starred in a number of high-profile projects throughout his career, with his lead role in the MacGyver TV series, a reboot of the original book of the same name, his biggest TV role. MacGyver's five seasons have allowed Till to fully showcase his acting skills, delivering captivating performances and showcasing his ability to execute entertaining action sequences. While MacGyver may be Till's biggest lead, the actor rose to fame a few years ago with a superhero movie. In 2011, Till played Havoc in X-Men: First Class. Havoc is the brother of the iconic X-Men Cyclops and was one of Charles Xavier's first students in the X-Men reboot. Sadly, Teal's Havoc was wasted and only featured in one scene from the X-Men: Days Of Future Past and was killed early in X-Men: Apocalypse. Perhaps The Flash can provide Thiel with a well-deserved superhero comeback.

Here's the current status of the cast of the 2017 Justice League movie: Cavill dropped Superman in favor of a younger actor as Cape; Will return as cyborg; Ben Affleck looks to transition from Batman to behind-the-scenes role in new DCU; Aquaman star Jason Momoa speculated to continue recast as anti-hero Lobo in DC franchise; Gal Gadot The Wonder Woman 3 was canceled following the departure of director Patty Jenkins, Gadot was reportedly cut from The Flash, and Miller listed a slew of legal issues with their return as Speed ​​Racer. Not a good sign. The Flash will likely end with the film's multiverse mysteries unraveling, and with ramifications for the multiverse aspect of the character's journey in The Flash, a new actor (possibly Thiel) has been revealed as Barry's new face.

How The Flash Movie Can Set Up Ezra Miller's Replacement

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