Fantastic Four Cast Has Brutal Response to Reboot Questions

Fantastic Four's Doom actor Toby Kebbell has a brutal response to questions about the 2015 reboot and whether he'll return as a villain.

After years of answering questions about the film, Fantastic Four Doom actor Toby Kebbell has a brutal response to the ongoing reboot questions. Kebbell stars in the 2015 reboot as Victor Von Doom, a computer technician and scientist close to Reg E. Cathey's Dr. A portal to an alternate dimension, only to turn into a superpowered villain known as Doom for visiting the Negative Zone. Fantastic Four reboot, co-written and directed by Josh Trank, following his success in 2012's Chronicle The film was met with widespread criticism and a box office failure upon its debut, leading to the cancellation of future plans and the return of the rights to Marvel Studios.

While discussing Servant Season 4 with, Toby Kebbell was asked if he'd rather eat "placenta puffs" than answer more questions about the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot. The Doom actor responded brutally, confirming that not only would he rather eat them, but a "whole French turkey" in them, while thanking interviewer Chris Killian for pointing out the film It wasn't his fault that the movie failed. Check out what Kebbel had to say below:

Definitely the placenta puff. I'd eat a whole croque en bouche of placenta puffs rather than be asked if I would go back and be terrible as Doctor Doom again. 'Hey, you were terrible as Doctor Doom. Would you go back and do it again?' Eh, no. You're absolutely right; it was not my fault.

Why The Fantastic Four Reboot Failed

While the original film was hardly well-received by critics or audiences, the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot was memorable against the low standards set by its predecessor. Much of the film's problems are believed to have stemmed from its troubled production cycle, with 20th Century Fox notoriously unhappy with Trank's original cut of the film and forcing a massive production cut about half a year after production was complete. reshoots, which resulted in some major changes, including a brand new ending and a recut by Stephen E. Rivkin. Trank has often been outspoken about his dissatisfaction with the final product, citing studio interference as the reason Fantastic Four failed.

Regardless of the studio's supposed intervention in the project, there are many downsides to the Fantastic Four reboot, namely its inconsistent tone, criticism of it being too gloomy for an adaptation of the Marvel First Family, and widespread perception of trying to capitalize on more The dark success of the Dark Knight trilogy. When competing with "Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation," the first Ant-Man movie, and "Straight Outta Compton," a week after the release, Even before rave reviews, the chances of a superhero reboot at the box office were extremely low. In the end, the naysayers were proven right, as the Fantastic Four reboot grossed just $167 million based on its reported $155 million production budget, which was labeled a box office hit given its marketing and distribution costs. Bomb label.

Will The MCU's Fantastic Four Repeat Past Mistakes?

While the series has been virtually error-free during its decade-long run, the question on many viewers' minds has been whether the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Fantastic Four reboot will repeat the mistakes of previous adaptations of the superhero team. While the Medieval Avenue movies starring Chris Evans gained some cult following for their comic-book-like cheesy tone, they proved a bit too cheesy for the modern scene, establishing a unique style WandaVision director Matt Shakman and writing duo Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer take on the challenge of rebooting the MCU. Audiences can now relive previous Fantastic Four film adaptations on Disney+ as development continues on the next film.

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