Ezra Miller Might Remain The Flash In James Gunn's New DCU

A new report suggests that Ezra Miller may reprise his role as Barry Allen, aka The Flash, in James Gunn's new DC Universe after their solo movie wraps up.

Ezra Miller may go on to play The Flash in James Gunn's new DC universe after their solo films. Although the Flash movie was announced in October 2014, it took nearly a decade to reach theaters. The Flash has gone through multiple stages of development with Miller as the Scarlet Speedster. "The Flash" was originally scheduled to be released last year, but due to post-production reasons, Warner Bros. Discovery Channel delayed "The Flash" to summer 2023. Another hot topic about the film, however, is Miller's multiple legal battles in 2022. While Miller received mental health treatment and made a public apology, The Flash remained a controversial title for the DCU.

With the release of The Flash movie, a new report has emerged regarding Miller's potential future in the franchise. According to Variety, they heard that multiple executives at Warner Bros. "would like to continue working with the actor" after The Flash. It was unclear whether the executives involved were CEO David Zaslav or the heads of Warner Bros. Pictures Michael DeLuca and Pam Abdi. Despite their legal troubles, there is uncertainty over whether Miller will continue to play Barry Allen after the solo film wraps up. At the time of publishing this story, both Neither Miller nor their representatives nor anyone at Warner Bros. Discovery commented on the report.

What This Might Mean For James Gunn's New DCU

It's important to remember that if there were anyone in Warner Bros. executives other than Zaslav, De Luca, and Abdy, there's no guarantee Miller would stay on. Since James Gunn's DCU appears to be getting some sort of reboot, this could also rule out Miller's The Flash as the version they use in the franchise. With Henry Cavill playing Superman, they were looking for a new star to play Iron Man. While Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is still in place for now, Gunn also hasn't said whether he'll cast a new Diana Prince. The only actor currently potentially returning from the DCU but as a different character is Aquaman's James Momoa, possibly as Lobo.

It wouldn't make sense for Miller to come back after The Flash movie if they were basically casting different actors for the next Justice League. It's worth considering that neither Gunn nor Peter Safran were mentioned as these executives who seemed open to Miller's return. Even if The Flash does well at the box office, Gunn Showing that a reset is what fans have come to expect from the new DCU. The only way it would make sense for more of Miller's The Flash movies is if they take the Elseworlds approach. The "old" DCU will probably exist at some point like the Arrowverse, a universe outside of the main DC canon.

Whatever happens to Gunn's new DCU, Miller's The Flash franchise could exist outside of DC Studios if it wanted to. While Elseworlds movies are in the works, Miller's public reputation could still affect whether or not they'll finish as a DC icon. Even with mental health treatment and a public apology, DC Studios may not be able to continue working with Miller. From DC Studios' perspective, they'd probably prefer to start over with The Flash, maybe even use someone other than Barry. Currently, Miller will appear in this summer's The Flash movie, which will also feature multiple versions of Batman and Supergirl in the new movie.

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