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Knives Out and The Glass Onion may have more in common than viewers initially think: Here are all the similarities between the two films.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

The Glass Onion is similar to its predecessor, the Knives Out, in more ways than one. Following the success of the first film in the series, Knives Out, in 2019, it was announced that two sequels would follow Knives Out, the first of which, The Glass Onion: Knockouts Mystery, will be released in late 2022. release. The idea of ​​the series was to follow Detective Benoit Blanc as he investigates new mysteries in the sequel film Glass Onion, and possible sequels after this film. Although the two films in the Knockout series tell two very different stories, the second installment has many similarities to its predecessor in terms of characters and plot twists.

Glass Onion is a separate film from Operation Wilderness, so much so that the former barely mentions the first film in the Blanc series. In fact, audiences don't need to have seen the first film to watch the second, as Glass Onion has a different cast, and Blanc is the only recurring character in Into the Wild. However, the two films have more in common than audiences initially imagined, which may be one of the reasons why both films have proven successful: here It's all about the way the Glass Onion reflects wilderness action.

Benoit Blanc Was Not Meant To Be In Both Knives Out Movies

The presence of the detective is a key aspect of any detective film; thus, the Knockout film would not exist without Blanc. However, a closer look at the two films reveals that Blanco was not intended to appear in Knock Out or its sequel, Glass Onion. In fact, during Operation Wilderness, Blank was hired anonymously to investigate Harlan's death, but initially the police took charge of the case. Likewise, Blank wasn't invited to Miles' private party simply because he was hired by her twin sister to investigate Andy's death, as Andy's shocking turn during The Glass Onion reveals.

This means that in both Knockout movies, Blanc doesn't solve the crime because he has to, but because he wants to. In Operation Wilderness and The Glass Onion, he actively chose to participate in the investigations while taking on these cases. Blanc is also the element that ties Glass Onion and Knives Out together, as viewers see detectives investigating a new crime, but in Movie hero in Glass Onion and Knives Out.

Glass Onion's Hero Is Another Outcast

Blanc is not the only protagonist in the Knives Out series. In fact, in both films, his investigation is aided by another key figure. In Knives Out and The Glass Onion, the latter just happens to be a woman of color who doesn't seem to fit in with the other characters. In Knockout, Ana de Armas' Marta assists Blank in his investigation. Marta is also an outcast of the Harlan family. Not just because she wasn't part of the family, but because she wasn't part of their rich, wealthy, white, and privileged group.

Much like Knives Out, the hero in The Glass Onion is also an outcast. In fact, while Andi was once part of Miles' inner circle, the Disrupters, she was excluded after her falling out with Miles. Also, Helen, who takes her sister's place, is more of an outcast because she never belonged to the world of the disruptors, as a teacher from Alabama. Throughout the film, Helen is constantly ostracized by the white rich because A black woman from a poor background, like her twin Andy.

Glass Onion & Knives Out Reflect On Deeper Issues

Although the films in the Blanc series are entertaining, they do so much more: The Glass Onion and Into the Wild ultimately reflect the deeper issues of their plots. For example, they both reflect on the racism of their protagonists. The racism against Marta, in particular, is on stark display in Knockout, where Marta faces a barrage of attacks from family members who keep forgetting where she really is from, openly expressing their hatred of immigrants and the Support for refugee camps, thereby alluding to Trump's immigration politics in the spotlight following the film's release in 2019.

Likewise, The Glass Onion is set during the Covid pandemic in May 2020, although the Glass Onion character is almost never mentioned directly, it is mentioned several times throughout the film. This is another example of Glass Onion indirectly mirroring real-life issues, such as the many celebrities who, like Birdie, threw huge parties during lockdown, or the wealthy who were able to fly across countries during the pandemic. By deftly referencing our contemporary issues, Knockout movies modernize the detective genre and bring It enters the 21st century.

Money Is The Most Powerful Motive In Both Knives Out Movies

In fact, not only do the heroes of Knockout and The Glass Onion mirror each other, but the villains of both films also parallel each other. Both are white, privileged rich men who would do anything to get richer. Even though Glass Onion's Miles is a billionaire, he'll stop at nothing to keep his empire and fortune, including murder. Likewise, Ransom in Operation Wilderness was prepared to kill his own family to avoid disowning, just as his entire family was outraged after discovering that she was the sole beneficiary of Harlan's will.

As movies that reflect today's society, it makes sense for Knives Out and The Glass Onion to use money as the villain's primary motivation. In fact, many viewers might be inclined to think that these types of villains are likely to exist. With criticisms of this money-oriented society on the rise, it might even be a satisfying and interesting experience to see these privileged and wealthy characters ultimately lose out in Operation Wilderness and Glass Onions, as they symbolize An elite that might start to feel more and more distant and unattainable to most audience.

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