Every Easter egg in the Evil Dead Rise trailer

There are plenty of franchise easter eggs and references in the trailer for Evil Dead Rise, the first film in the Evil Dead franchise in a decade.

The first trailer for Evil Dead Rise has been released, and it's full of Easter eggs and references to the original Evil Dead movie. Evil Dead Rise, the first entry in the series since its 2013 reboot, hasn't received as much critical acclaim as the original trilogy. However, Evil Dead Rise seems to lean more towards its beloved predecessor, and the film matches the tone of the original and features all sorts of hidden references that Evil Dead fans will love.

Evil Dead Rise follows a whole new group of characters, an aunt helping a group of children accept their mother who is possessed by the series' iconic demons, the Deadites. Evil Dead Rise will take place in the same universe as the original Evil Dead films, which means the three films starring protagonist Ash Williams remain canon in the upcoming sequel. The first trailer for Evil Dead Rise hints at many elements of the larger Evil Dead universe.

The Necronomicon

The first and most obvious reference in the Evil Dead Rise trailer is the appearance of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, starting with the skin book Appeared in the original The Evil Dead. The Book of the Dead is a supernatural item that allows its user to control the dead and summon the dead's creators, the Kandarian demons. The Necronomicon (aka Naturom Demonto) is often the catalyst for Deadites' return, and its destruction is what defeats demons in the first Evil Dead movie.

The Evil Dead Rise trailer first shows the updated Necronomicon, its reappearance remains to be explained. This edition seems to focus more on illustrations of demons than on Deadite's spells, though the book still has supernatural qualities. Also, instead of a human face on the cover, this Necronomicon has teeth on the cover, and the book flips its pages and closes itself.

The Record Of Incantations

In the Evil Dead Rise trailer, someone is seen starting to play a record marked as containing a 1923 recording. Then the record starts playing some ancient spell, which is presumably what wakes the Deadites up. This is clearly a reference to the original Evil Dead timeline, with the first Deadites released after the tapes were played, featuring an explorer named Raymond Know by reading the Necronomicon. Although the 1923 date and recording method don't line up with the events of the original trilogy, Evil Dead Rise's demonic recordings are clearly similar to Knowby's spell tapes from the first three Evil Dead films.

The Shot Of The Apartment

One of the biggest references to the original film in the first Evil Dead Rise trailer is the shot of the apartment building. While the speed is fast, one of the shots has the perspective of the demon flying towards the exterior of the apartment where the movie was shot. The approach and execution of this shot is the same as the ending shot of The Evil Spirit, the same POV of a speeding demon, the only difference is that it is running through the forest.

POV shots have become a trademark of the Evil Dead series, as they appear frequently throughout the series. The way Sam Raimi and his team pulled off the closing sequence on The Evil One is impressive, especially for an inexperienced, low-budget team. Evil Dead Rise featuring POV demonic footage is a good sign for the film's quality as it proves the sequel avoids the problems of the 2013 reboot Back to basics.

The Chainsaw Scene

Near the end of the last reference point in the Evil Dead Rise trailer, Lily Sullivan's bloodied Beth picks up the spinning chainsaw. This makes Beth a tribute to the original film's main character, Ash Williams. Ash's signature chainsaw is Evil Dead's weapon of choice, and Ash even replaces his hands with a chainsaw in Evil Dead II. Beth's use of the chainsaw, as well as her clothing, pose, and camera angle are reminiscent of Bruce Campbell's beloved lead character in the original Devil's Dead movie, and many are praying that Ash will be in Demons Rise Cameo.

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