Even Batman Roasted His Biggest Justice League Bootleg

Batman called up another Justice League because it completely stripped him of his own role - and he had a reason to call up his fellow DC heroes.

Even Batman knows that one of the Justice League heroes has ripped off his character because the Dark Knight once called Green Arrow to his face. In a hilarious moment between the two DC Comics heroes, Batman questions Oliver Quinn's mind after mentioning that the Emerald Archer's front car, base and plane all stole his most iconic iconic naming trademark Have you ever had an original idea in .

In Arrow #5 (2001) by Kevin Smith, Phil Hester, Ender Parks, Sean Knott, and DC Comics' Guy Major , Batman investigates the mysterious return of Green Arrow, who died dramatically before Zero Hour. To prove he's the real Oliver Queen, Arrow suggests Batman visit his old haunts. However, since Quinn's memory is basically stuck ten years ago, he mentions his "Arrow-Plane", "Arrow-Car" and "Arrow-Cave", which draws Batman's ire. The Caped Crusader asked his fellow Justice League hero if he "had an original idea at the time," while accusing him of blackmailing him.

Green Arrow Has Ripped Off Elements Of Batman For Over 80 Years

Since their debut, Batman and Arrow have shared many The parallels in the comics have become all the more striking over the years. Oliver Queen debuted in 1941, two years after Bruce Wayne, but he has long been compared to members of the Justice League. Like Batman, Arrow has his own cave (Batcave vs. Arrow-Cave), a vehicle named after his character (Batmobile vs. Arrow-Car) and an airplane (Batplane vs. Arrow-Cave). Plane). On top of that, Street Watch also has a teenage sidekick. While Arrow may not admit it, he certainly copied Batman in some way. Complicating matters is that in the live-action version of Arrow, Arrow is basically Batman's surrogate for his role and the use of his villains.

Although Arrow has developed his own personality and become a hero, DC Comics still makes fun of the Justice League archer for copying Batman. Just last week, in Stargirl: The Lost Children, Stargirl pointed out to his sister Emiko that he "really wants to be Batman" after seeing Oliver's Cave of Arrows. Green Arrow will likely never escape his comparisons to Batman - even if he tries to distance himself from emulating the Dark Knight as a hero.

Ultimately, Batman knows Arrow admires him, and rips out his persona in an attempt to become a better hero. Of course, it's unlikely that Bruce Wayne still (or ever held) any ill will toward his longtime Justice League teammates for copying his style, but that probably won't stop him (or the readers) from continuing to make Batman-green future Arrow Compare.

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