Eagle-eyed fans catch Twin Peaks and EEAAO crossover

An eagle-eyed cinephile spotting a "Twin Peaks" and "All at the Same Time" crossover has spotted a spooky image in the hit film.

Everything Everywhere All At Once features a sneaky Twin Peaks crossover, spotted by an observant fan. The cult classic Twin Peaks, created by Mark Frost and David Lynch, ran from 1990 until it was canceled a year later. Combining the suspense and horror genres with likable, mischievous characters, quirky humor, gorgeous cinematography and a surreal tone, Twin Peaks received critical acclaim in its first season and has since garnered a cult following , had a huge impact on the television and film worlds. Pop culture as a whole. Due to its staying power, Twin Peaks finally received a third season in 2017, which was equally well received.

Given its long history, Twin Peaks is mentioned in many other properties, especially those with a relatively offbeat, eccentric, or existential focus. The Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (known as Daniels) film All at the Same Time, due out in March 2022, is one such project, with some eagle-eyed viewers spotting a connection between the film and Twin Peaks, and Michelle Yeoh The character is a verse jump between universes. Andrew Bloom posted impressive snaps that see Yeoh momentarily landing in the detective show's red room complete with signature red Curtains, the Venus de Milo statue, and of course, the word "simultaneously" on Twitter. See the post below:

Is Twin Peaks’ Red Room In Another Universe?

The Red Room is one of the most disturbing and iconic locations in Twin Peaks, frequently visited by FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) throughout the detective series, Because he's looking for more information about Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) and Twin Peaks in general. Confirmed as an interdimensional location, the Red Room is occasionally visited by Agent Cooper in his dreams and in real life, and the characters have even been trapped there for decades. While there are multiple areas within the Red Room, he spends the most time in the waiting room, with its famous black and white floor and mysterious red curtains.

In the waiting room, Agent Cooper often sees the stranger (Michael J. Anderson) and Laura, who both speak to him backwards. Given Lynch's love of ambiguity, little is known about this dark and strange place, other than that it's a breeding ground for evil and has existed for centuries. The details provided about the Twin Peaks Red Room suggest that the room itself is indeed in operation On a different plane of existence, this makes Yeoh a logical place to be when transitioning between universes in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Pop Culture References In EEAAO

Everything Everywhere All At Once contains plenty of other creative universes to jump into, including the fan-favorite Hot Dog Universe, in which humans evolved to use hot dog fingers instead of normal hands. Some pop culture references are made to other famous places Yeoh and others in the film visit, including Raccoon World (a reference to Disney's Ratatouille). Aside from the universe itself being used as a homage to popular media, there are other pop culture references in the film, such as a nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey where the apes fight to the death in one sequence and references to the royal family - wai in the kung fu universe In the Mood for Love. While the brief shot referencing the classic film Twin Peaks is just one of many, it stands out in "Everything, Everywhere."

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