Doctor Who showrunner drops a huge ex-partner tease

Doctor Who may be poised to answer one of its oldest questions, as showrunner Russel T. Davies left a cryptic comment related to an old buddy.

Doctor Who showrunner Russel T. Davies left a cryptic comment on an Instagram video that addressed one of the show's oldest and most pressing questions. Davis returns for the first time since 2010 to oversee the show's 60th anniversary, which will air in three episodes later this year. This will bring David Tennant and Catherine Tate back to the TARDIS and hopefully celebrate the show's rich history. Davis will also direct season 15, which will introduce Ncuti Gatwa as the fifteenth doctor in the 2023 Christmas special.

The official Doctor Who Instagram recently posted a video looking back at the first time the Doctor said goodbye to his mates. The companion in question is Susan, the doctor's granddaughter and first-ever companion. They parted ways in the 1964 series "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" after the Doctor decided to let her choose her own path in life. Davis made a curious comment on the video, sparking some speculation about her long-awaited return. Davis' commentary and video can be seen below:

"Whatever happened to her? ?"

Who Is The Doctor's Granddaughter?

Susan appeared in the first Doctor Who series, "The Mysterious Child" in 1963, and was one of the show's oldest cast members role, which makes it all the more strange that she was barely mentioned in the show's final 40 years. Although the Doctor left her on Earth in the 22nd century after falling in love with a human, she was last seen in the show's 20th-anniversary feature-length series "The Five Doctors," in which she and the Five Doctors' avatars were stolen time flow. However, the special did not clarify her fate. She was last seen entering the First Doctor's TARDIS, where he presumably returned her to Earth.

Since then, Susan has not appeared on screen, although she is a goddess of the times, which means that she could easily be reborn as a different face from the Doctor. Davis can finally solve her mysterious fate after "Five Doctors," and the 60th anniversary will be the perfect opportunity to do so. With Carol Ann Ford, who plays Susan, still alive, and with the surprise appearance of another Doctor's earliest companion, Ian Chesterton, in the recent 100-year special "The Power of the Doctor," Ford may be making the last Reprise the role. Alternatively, the character could be replayed after Susan is reborn, setting up a surprise reveal. Not sure if Davis intends to explore that Further possibilities during his tenure as showrunner.

Who Is Returning In Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary?

The 60th anniversary will celebrate the show's history and look forward to many returning characters. David Tennant, considered one of the best actors to play the Doctor, will play the fourteenth Doctor. His fellow Tenth Doctor Donna Noble has also been confirmed to be in the cast, along with her mother Sylvia Noble and husband Sean Temple. Although the late Bernard Crebbins' Wilfred Mott was on set during filming of the special, his role has yet to be officially confirmed to return. The 60th anniversary trailer strongly suggests Neil Patrick Harris as Celestial Toymaker, the classic Doctor Who villain who last appeared in 1966. The trailer features characters from 1980s comic book spin-offs Beep the Meep and Wrarths. Davis promises more reveals and surprises to come.

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