Director Encanto addresses an amusing Bruno plot hole in the most obvious way possible

Encanto director Jared Bush addresses a supposed plot hole by explaining how Bruno knows what the TV series is about in the most obvious way possible.

Encanto co-director Jared Bush has addressed an alleged Bruno conspiracy loophole involving the TV series. A Disney regular known for Zootopia and Moana, Bush co-directed Encanto with Byron Howard and Charles Castro Smith. The animated musical performed poorly at the box office when it debuted in 2021, but it exploded in popularity when it opened on Disney+ a month later. Thanks to its beautiful animation and catchy songs written by Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, Encanto would become a pop culture sensation and win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Encanto takes place in the mountains of Columbia during an unspecified period of time in the early 1900s. Because of this setup, viewers were confused about what Bruno knew about TV, and instead thought it was a plot hole considering television wasn't invented until 1927. During a recent Twitter Q&A session, a fan asked: "How did Bruno know about the show?" Director Jared Bush addressed the alleged plot hole in the most obvious way, responding: "He can see the future !" Check out the exchange below:

Bruno's Gift Of Foresight Explained

Encanto follows a multigenerational Colombian family of Madrigals who live in Encanto's magical kingdom, each with magical powers except Mirabel. Bruno has A gifted visionary, shortly after gaining his powers, his negative premonitions lead him to be blamed for any adverse consequences to his family. As the smash hit "We Don't Talk About Bruno" reveals, Mirabelle's uncle is slandered and used as a scapegoat by his family, forcing him to live within the walls of Casita with the rats.

Due to his tragic fate, Bruno's prescience could be more benevolently described as a curse. He is unfairly blamed for having the ability to observe future events but little ability to actually change them. When he foresees Casita's destruction, Bruno flees with the telescope, believing his powers will do the family more harm than good.

Considering Bruno's ability to see the future is an integral part of the film's plot, it's quite amusing that fans overlooked an obvious explanation for this supposed plot hole. Given Bush's apparent explanation, the debate over the loopholes in Bruno's plot can finally be put to rest. However, to keep Encanto fans busy, there are some possible plot holes, such as Dolores hearing Bruno or Dolores appearing in Multiple places at once.

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