Dax Harwood clarifies his feelings for young Bucks

There's a lot of speculation online about how FTR sees The Young Bucks, and vice versa. Dax Harwood recently clarified his feelings.

FTR ratio. The Young Bucks are one of the most fascinating rivalries in all of elite wrestling history. Whenever these two tag teams meet, they prove themselves to be the best unit in professional wrestling. Whenever FTR and The Young Bucks clash in the ring, magic follows. However, it still feels like there's plenty of unfinished business for both teams, as Matt and Nick Jackson never feuded with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler for the AEW Tag Team Championship. Fans online have long speculated that the politics behind Tony Khan's refusal to pursue this possible money angle played a part.

Despite such speculation, Harwood recently spoke about the young Bucks and their status as one of the best double-team teams of all time. Via his FTR With Dax Harwood podcast: "If I were going to make a tag team at Mount Rushmore, I'd put the young Bucks there. I'd have them right there because they defined a generation of tag wrestling. They revolutionized the style of tag wrestling as well." Dax went on to explain that the way Matt and Nick Jackson performed wasn't his "strong suit," but also stated that He can't physically do a lot of the things the young Bucks can do. "From 2016 to 2022, with all the differences we may have had in the past, I can't erase the fact that they should be doing tag wrestling on Mount Rushmore." (h/t and thanks to Andrew Ravens of wrestlingnews.co for the transcription) FTR is going to be the hottest show in all of professional wrestling. Dax and Cash caught fire in the run-up to ROH Death Before Dishonor, moving organically from heels to faces as fans slowly began to support them. Hardwood's "Fight Like a Girl" promo is one of the best in the company's history, and it seems like everyone else except AEW wants FTR to be their tag team champion.

No Matter The Reason, AEW Dropped The Ball On FTR Vs. Young Bucks

A feud and subsequent match in which all gold was at stake would be extraordinary. It was a landmark moment for AEW and tag wrestling as FTR and the young Bucks battled for multiple titles. However, many situations occur that prevent this from happening. Before the trio champion was revealed, the elites changed faces. Some fans think it's a way Matt and Nick dodge Dax and Cash.

As with most things, the truth is somewhere in between. Whether it's FTR or The Young Bucks losing that winner-takes-all game, their legacy will take a hit. It will provide fans with some excellent drama. Still, that match was just another thing in AEW's long list of missed opportunities in 2022. Regardless of the differences between the two teams, it's still good to hear that Harwood can appreciate what the young Bucks have accomplished as pro wrestlers. ^Next: After a year of false starts, AEW finally gets Wardlow's build right

Source: FTR with Dax Harwood, wrestlingnews.co

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