Criminal Minds showrunner teases Reid's absence factor into BAU case

The absence of Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reid was a factor on BAU's Criminal Minds: Evolution on Paramount+, where showrunner Erica Messer ( Erica Messer) teases.

As Matthew Gray Gubler skips Paramount+ reboot, producer Erica Messer teases Spencer Reid's absence How Criminal Minds Affects the BAU: The Evolution of the Case. After 15 years playing BAU's boy genius, Gubler failed to rejoin the police procedural's main cast in an ongoing 10-episode revival. Although it was initially reported that this was because he refused to reprise his role, opting instead to continue his career, it was eventually clarified that his absence was due to a scheduling conflict - similar to the reason Daniel Henney was unable to return to Mavericks. Te Simmons. Although they are each in different situations, Criminal Minds: Evolution opens the door for them to return.

The show is coming to an end after the mandatory winter break. Criminal Minds season 16, episode 9 will surprise fans, as teased by Elias Voit actor Zach Gilford. However, in a new interview with TV Insider, Messer revealed more about what's to come in the second half of the show. This includes how Reid's absence affected the BAU's Criminal Minds case: Evolution. Read her full quote below:

“I can’t talk too much about it. We won’t hear a ton more about what they’re up to this year (2022), but it’ll come into play next year (2023) what they’ve been doing.”

How Reid's Absence Can Impact BAU's Case On Criminal Minds: Evolution

Paramount+ wasted no time addressing what happened to Reid in Criminal Minds: Evolution. Deputy Director Bailey, Deliberately sabotaging the team for personal gain, telling Emily Prentiss that the missing BAU members were assigned different cases, which he couldn't say freely because they were classified. It's a neat and effective way to solve this looming mystery without committing to actual plot points. That being said, given Messer's quote above, it sounds like she and the rest of the writing team already knew how to use Reed and Simmons, even if Gubler and Henney didn't show up in person.

Since Simmons joined the BAU later, it is believed that he may be working on a different case on Criminal Minds: Evolution, and may even reunite with some of his old team. Reid's situation is far more interesting. The BAU proved it didn't need Reid before, but when they tackled their biggest case, looking for a network of UnSubs, they could get all the help they could get. Gubler doesn't even need a cameo. Correspondence with Penelope Garcia or Jennifer Jarreau will do the trick, as BAU's teenage genius provides vital information that can solve the case.

When Can Reid Appear On Criminal Minds: Evolution

Due to Gubler's absence from the Criminal Minds reboot Not on purpose, which increases his chances of reprising his role as Reed. This is further made possible by Messer and some of his old partners also claiming they have ties to him. However, Reid's return likely won't happen until at least Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2. While Paramount+ has yet to order another year of the police procedural, there's a good chance BAU will return to the streaming platform for more UnSub hunts. When that time comes, hopefully the actor's schedule has allowed him to reprise his role as Reed. Criminal Minds: Evolution releases new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+.

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