Clark Kent going back to his journalist roots is good for Superman and Lois

Clarke will be a reporter again in Superman & Lois season 3, which is positive news because of what it could mean for the future of the show.

Superman & Lois season 3 will bring Clark Kent back to his journalistic roots, which bodes well for the show. From the very beginning of the series, Superman & Lois made a lot of changes around many of the characters of the Superman mythology, especially with regard to Clark's life. For example, in addition to taking him and his family out of Metropolis and placing them in Smallville, Clarke also works as a football coach at Jordan and Jonathan's school, not as a reporter, as he's known in most Superman stories.

The change in Clark's career was a major change for Superman and Lois, but it will change in season 3. According to a recent press release, Superman vs. Lois season 3 will see Clark working alongside Lois in the Smallville Bulletin, which so far has only been where Lois works (via TV Line). This change in story helps bring Clark back to his roots as a reporter, which is good for the show.

More Opportunities For Lois & Clark On Screen Together

One of the most important things to get from Superman and Lois making Clarke Being a reporter again is about giving Lois and Clark more opportunities to be on screen together. One of the highlights of Superman vs. Lois has been the strength of Lois and Clark's relationship, especially compared to other couples on The CW's Arrowverse and Arrowverse-adjacent shows. Every scene where they act like a couple does a good job of highlighting their connection to each other, but due to both of their careers and Clarke's Superman activities, they're often separated so there's not always a lot of time to be explored.

Of course, all of this can be resolved by Clark becoming a reporter again in Season 3. With Lois and Clark now working on the same field again, Superman and Lois will no longer have to repeatedly keep them apart like they have for several seasons, and now they have a perfect excuse to be there for each other all the time. This change does risk having Superman overshadow Lois in season 3, but the comics and other Superman media usually keep Lois represented when they're both reporters, so there's no reason Think it's not the same for Superman and Lois.

Superman Can Keep Up With Events The Way He Did In The Comics

Another benefit of Clark being a reporter again in Superman & Lois is that the show can bring back Superman's classic way of keeping up with current events. In the early days of the Superman franchise, Clarke's main reason for working on the Daily Planet was that he thought working at a major news outlet would make it easier for him to understand crises, allowing Superman to stop as soon as they happened. However, as Clarke's powers and resources have become more developed over the years, this aspect no longer appears in more modern Superman stories, including Superman and Lois.

Superman & Lois may not have used the canonical DC Comics Superman element before, but with Clark once again working as a reporter, the show is likely to start using it. Admittedly, the show is another Superman story, and Clark's powers and resources don't really call for that, but it's still an interesting way to flesh out the show's twist on its status quo, which would fit perfectly with the show's light-hearted tone . Anyway, with Superman and Lois Set to return on March 14, 2023, it won't be long before we know what the show plans to do with Clark's new lifestyle.

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