Chicago Fire Showrunner teases Violet to move on after Hawkins

Evan Hawkins' untimely death on season 11 of Chicago Fire will have a lasting impact on Violet, but she will eventually find peace, the showrunners say.

One of Chicago Fire's most recent tragic moments, the death of Chief Evan Hawkins, will have a lasting impact on Violet Mikami, but the showrunners have shed some light on exactly what the show's future will look like. In the third episode of Chicago Fire's season 11, Fire Station 51 is called in to extinguish a building fire at a movie theater. The team tends to rescue the many trapped civilians inside the building. Hawkins leads the triage effort, but in a dramatic twist of fate, the building collapses on top of him when he tries to assist a survivor in front of theater. Now, the spotlight is on Hawkins' now-ex-girlfriend Violet, who was present when Hawkins died.

In an interview with TV Line, Chicago Fire host Andrea Newman stated that things were not going well for Violet following the untimely death of her boyfriend in the third episode. Over time, though, she will find some level of peace and comfort in her own life. Newman added that while Hawkins is absent from the team, the firehouse and the show, he will still have a lasting impact on those lives He's with. Of course, that includes Violet as well. Newman discusses the balance of her grief over Hawkins' death while also trying to move forward within the confines of her perilous career.

“It’s not that she’s going to put the grief behind her altogether, but I think she definitely is moving into a lighter space and able to have a little more fun while also not forgetting Evan. He’s still a part of her life.”

How Chicago Fire Season 11 Can Show Violet Recovering

Over the years, fans of Dick Wolfe's multi-attribute Chicago series have had a lot to digest, but the significant untimely death of Chicago Fire season 11 left many especially heartbroken. In the first few episodes of the season, multiple shockwaves are sent through its many subplots. In the first episode, Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett end their relationship. After just two episodes, fans had to watch Evan Hawkins die. Violet needs a lot of work to continue her personal and professional life. Much of the work is internal to her as she has to go through a lot of emotional drama.

In addition to having an affair with Hawkins, Gallo also had a secret crush on her. Hawkins' death has brought into sharper focus how Gallo shared those feelings. Violet and Hawkins' rekindled flame has been brewing for a while. The two were forced to conceal their original relationship, which made it difficult for them to escape. They and their careers are under a lot of pressure. This played a big part in their romantic turmoil, but after the Emma blackmail saga finally ended and Hawkins was held accountable for what happened, Violet tracked him down. Their encounter ends in a romantic embrace, and with Hawkins' new role, they no longer have to hide their love from those around them. The pain Violet felt as Hawkins passed was ugly, and Chicago Fire fans understandably had mixed emotions about it.

Unfortunately, the flames at the firehouse were extinguished. Crews at Violet and Firehouse 51 will pick up the pieces and try to rebuild, but the process will continue to complicate. Thankfully, Newman's comments herald an eventual victory for Violet, something many fans have been eagerly anticipating. Although, as is the nature of the show, that triumph may end up being short-lived before more curveballs enter her life. Chicago Fire returns for the penultimate episode of season 11 after a short holiday hiatus on January 4, before wrapping up on January 11. ^More: Chicago Fire season 11 reveals a big question about Severide's future^Source: tv line

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