Bleach: The Secret of Ichigo's Power Is the Series' Worst Reconnaissance

The secret of Ichigo's true power was revealed in the season finale of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, featuring the worst reconnaissance in the series' entire history.

Warning: SPOILERS for episode #13 of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

^ The secret of Ichigo Kurosaki's true power is revealed in the season 1 finale of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, the worst reconnaissance in the entire history of the series. After Ichigo grows stronger through multiple battles and rigors of training, his true power has been sealed away by his avatar of Quincy power, which feels like letting the character down before fighting the final villain, Yhwach. An inexpensive way to get overwhelmed.

Like most other Shonen series, Bleach is built around the progression of the protagonist, who must grow stronger in order to face the increasingly powerful opponents they encounter throughout the story. Ichigo, who awakens the powers of Shinigami through a chance encounter with Rukia, must first learn how to master his Zanpakutō and obtain Tenkai. Then, with the revelation of a hollow nature hidden within Ichigo, he must learn how to control this dangerous aspect of his power. In the Millennium Blood War chapter, Ichigo is defeated and humiliated by the Quincy Emperor Yuhabach, who destroys his Tenkai. When he reforged his Zanpakuto after discovering his Quincy attributes from his mother's bloodline, Ichigo also learned about his The real power has always been suppressed.

In Bleach: Millennium Blood War episode 13, when Ichigo poured his soul into the blade forged by Daitsu Niiitani, he was transported to his spirit world, where he always believed to be Zagetsu's The "old man", spirit of his Zanpakuto, waited. However, the old man reveals that he is actually the embodiment of Ichigo's Quincy power, and that Ichigo's inner blankness is actually his true Zanpakuto spirit. Also, Ichigo's Quincy nature has been repressing his "true power" because he doesn't want Ichigo to be a complete Shinigami - the Quincy's sworn enemy - constantly risking his life to fight. As a result, the old man tried every means to suppress Ichigo's potential, including becoming his main source of strength. However, seeing Ichigo desperately struggling to protect his friend, "Zan Yue"'s determination was shaken, and he finally decided to help Ichigo, giving up his control and releasing the suppressed power.

This explanation sounds like a huge reconnaissance. As we all know, the Millennium Blood War was brought to an abrupt end due to poor health when the manga was written. Published, so instead of the classic training episode sequence where Ichigo becomes strong enough to fight Yhwach, fans are forced to accept the explanation that his true potential has been suppressed. This doesn't make much sense, because if the purpose of "Zangetsu" is to protect Ichigo, making him weak would have the opposite effect. It's wiser to think that the release of Ichigo's true power comes from discovering his Quincy heritage and finally accepting his inner void (a recurring theme in the series).

Ichigo's Secret Power Makes All His Previous Efforts Meaningless

After suffering humiliation at the hands of Yhwach, Ichigo needs a massive power boost to fight the villain in the finale of Reaper: Millennium Blood War. However, instead of gaining this new power through hard work and sacrifice like he's been up to now, Ichigo hands it to him, explaining that all his previous efforts were actually in vain because he's always been the strongest. The reveal of Ichigo's true powers is Bleach's worst reconnaissance, as it's the exact opposite of the character's psyche and all of his development up to that point.

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