Best Weapon Alternatives for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Hu Tao has shown remarkable versatility in finding a powerful alternative to her signature polearm, the Homa Staff.

Genshin Impact's signature polearm from Hu Tao, the Homa Staff, may be powerful, but there are some powerful alternatives for players who don't have access to 5-star weapons. The Torch Staff has traditionally been the best weapon for Pyro DPS and sub DPS, mostly because it's modeled around her. Spears have high base attack stats, with sub-stats that boost Crit DMG significantly. However, where it works well with the Nut is that it adds 20% health, plus an attack damage bonus based on the bearer's health - a bonus if the user is below 50% health will increase further. This fits well with Walnut's elemental ability, which drains a portion of her health when used.

However, Hu Tao's best build in Genshin proves that she is very versatile with polearms compared to the artifacts she uses. As such, Genshin Impact's walnuts have plenty of alternative weapons. This gives the player a fair amount of freedom when building her, especially since the Torch Staff isn't an option.

Hu Tao’s Weapon Versatility In Genshin Impact Makes Her Easy To Build

Hu Tao's best alternative weapon is the recently introduced Staff Crimson Sands. Cyno's signature polearm doesn't offer as many base attacks, and its crit chance sub-stat is lower than Homa's staff. While more suited to Cyno's character build in Genshin Impact, the 5 star weapon's skill increases the user's ATK based on elemental mastery, which will require players to focus more on EM when building the Hu Tao in order for the spear to be valuable.

Hu Tao's next direct replacement weapon is the Primordial Jade Wing Spear. Shaw's signature polearm has the highest base attack and decent crit rate sub-attributes among Hu Tao's options. Because its skill is to increase attack power with each attack, and increase damage when all seven layers are available, it is a good choice for the field DPS Hu Tao. Choosing between Genshin Impact's Homa Staff or Hu Tao might not be a difficult decision if the player happens to own this weapon.

However, all of the replacement weapons for Genshin Impact Nuts mentioned so far are 5-star, making them rather difficult to obtain. However, the seventy-seventh curator of Musang Funeral Home has several four-star weapon substitutes, which are still very suitable for her. Battle Pass-locked Deathmatch is one of them The best 4 star polearm in the game, works well with Hu Tao. It keeps the focus on damage output with a fairly high base attack and a useful crit chance sub-stat.

Other options for Hu Tao's 4-star alternate weapon include Dragonbane, which boosts Elemental Mastery through its sub-stats, like the Crimson Sand Rod. This ensures that Hu Tao can take advantage of Genshin Impact's Pyro-based elemental reactions. The spear also increases damage to opponents affected by Hydro or Pyro, which fits well with Hu Tao's skills since her attacks incorporate Pyro.

A great free alternative weapon for Hu Tao is the Black Cliff Pole. It has a better base attack stat than the other two 4 star polearm contenders, as well as a high crit damage sub-stat. Its skills require the user to be on the field, constantly defeating enemies, but it is a suitable choice for Hu Tao, especially if the player does not want to spend wishes on uncertain weapon drops. While a good team composition around Genshin Impact's Hu Tao is still necessary for good results, the character's weapon versatility means players without a fire wand can still choose to make her a great superhero.

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