Best Weapon Alternatives for Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact

Ichito Araki's 3.3 banner in Genshin Impact is over, but players who pull him may not have pulled his signature weapon yet and need a strong replacement.

Arataki Itto is probably one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Itto, Inazuma's Inhuman Geo claymore user, has entered the hearts of many players. The player pulled over 10,000 Itto constellations in his latest version 3.3 banner. However, they might not have been so lucky to pull out his signature weapon, the Redhorn Stonethresher. There are 27 other claymores players can choose from, some of which work well in Itto's hands.

Arataki Itto's best build in Genshin Impact involves boosting his defense stat, so he has a high attack stat when using Elemental Burst. When his elemental burst talent reaches level 13, his attack power increases by 129.6% of his defense power. This means that any time a player can increase Itto's DEF, they should. While the Redhorn Stonethresher's second stat is critical damage, its passive ability increases DEF by up to 56%, while increasing normal and charged attack DMG by up to 80%. Any weapon that wishes to match it needs to offer similar bonuses.

Best 5-Star, 4-Star, and 3-Star Claymore Weapons For Itto In Genshin Impact

If the player can't get the Redhorn Stonethresher, there are 4 other 5-star claymores available, which are great weapons for Itto in Genshin Impact. outside of Those weapons, Skyward Pride, the companion to the Mondstadt series Skyward Blade, are the best alternatives to Arataki Itto. The second stat for Skyward Pride is Energy Recharge, which increases by 36.8% when fully upgraded. Since Itto's Elemental Burst allows him to deal the most damage, a high energy charge will help him get to that state quickly. The sword increases all damage and has a chance to create a vacuum blade equal to 160% of Ito's attack power.

Among Arataki Itto's 4-star Claymores, Whiteblind is the best choice because DEF is its second stat. Whiteblind increases ATK and DEF by up to 12% for 6 seconds after Basic or Charged Attacks, stacking up to 48%. Combined with the 51.7% DEF increase to the Greatsword's second stat, Whiteblind can help maximize Itto's potential, as long as the player forges it.

The Whiteblind is not one of the most popular weapons in Genshin Impact, so some players may not have it in their inventory. These players may prefer to use the Blackcliff Slasher as it has the same second crit damage stat as the Redhorn Stonethresher. Greatswords are often found in the Starglitter Exchange at Paimon's Bargains. those who bought Gnostic Hymn can also equip a Serpent Spine for increased critical chance and overall increased DMG. Finally, players who took part in the Moonlight Joy event in version 2.1 may want Arataki Itto to use the Deluxe Neptune to boost the Elemental Burst.

Some new players may want to start exploring Teyvat with Itto, but experienced players lack the extensive weapon collection. There's no point in forcing the dreaded 4-star weapon in Itto in Genshin Impact, since it's usable, since there are useful 3-star options to tide players over. The White Iron Greatsword increases Itto's defense by 43.9%, while also restoring 16% of his health after defeating an enemy. Meanwhile, Debating Club's passive ability is like a stripped-down version of Skyward Pride, providing a similar bonus area DMG after normal and charged attacks. No matter what the player has, there is sure to be a good weapon in Genshin Impact for Arataki Itto to bring into battle.

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