Bat-Family Proves Bruce Wayne Is a Hypocrite

Bruce has been fighting crime for decades, long before he even became Batman, but along the way he seems to have become a hypocrite thanks to the Bat-Family.

While the Bat-Family undeniably helped Batman fight crime, it also exposed Bruce Wayne as a colossal hypocrite. Batman has been fighting crime for decades, and in that time he's managed to amass a large army of vigilantes. This is directly contrary to the beliefs he held when he launched the first crusade.

The Bat-family is one of the largest crime-fighting families in the DC universe, and Bruce cares about every child he adopts or vigilante he recruits. According to how the Bat-Family counts, Bruce employs as many as 14 different people at the same time to help him fight crime, and that's not even factoring in Batman, Inc. That's a lot of crime-fighting for the so-called lone Batman. It's a massive army that Batman essentially commands, and he's undeniably at the helm of one of DC's largest and most skilled crime-fighting families, calling into question what he did long ago, before he was Batman Statement.

In Chip Zdarsky and Carmine Di Giandomenico's Batman: Knight #10, Bruce is exposed to Ra's al Ghul long before Wayne Put on the Batman suit. Ra's established the League of Assassins to achieve his goal of saving the world, which is to wipe out 90% of the world's population. Naturally, Bruce Wayne is enraged by this and destroys the missile Ra's al Ghul intends to use to achieve his goal. But as he does, Bruce has a quote that reveals his mentality at this stage of his career, "Men with soldiers, with subordinates, fall prey to the delusions of ego. They think the power they've accumulated is justified." ’” It’s a fascinating quote, and he went on to create a company dedicated to getting people to follow his form of vigilantism.

Batman Ended Up Making His Own Army

After all, Batman ended up following in Russ O'Gour's footsteps, just not in the way Russ hoped. While Batman undeniably loves his family, that only applies to his immediate family, such as the Robin family and Batgirl. His feelings towards other allies and members of Batman Corporation are probably much more neutral. Batman also likely realized that you can't win a war alone. In The Knight, Ra's al Ghul even says: "You know what? What is the end of a one-man war? a dead man. "If Bruce took those words to heart, it would explain why Batman might decide he needed soldiers. ^Ultimately, Batman is nowhere near as bad as Ra's al Ghul, and there's no denying that the Bat-family has done a good job, both for the world and For their own sake. But it is also undeniable that, in Bruce's own words, the formation of the Bat-family, and especially Batman Inc., proved that Batman is a hypocrite.^Next: Batman admits that a DC hero he has no reason to live

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