Aquaman's embarrassing "talk to fish" ability redefined

Aquaman has been ridiculed a lot for his ability to talk to fish, but Monkey King No. 9 reveals the creepy extent of his much-maligned powers.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Monkey Prince #9!

It might be one of the most joked about abilities in the DC Universe, but Aquaman's most notable ability just took on a serious new form. Monkey King Issue 9 reveals that Arthur Curry's "Talk to Fish" is actually a terrifying power.

While he may not be the most popular member of the Justice League, Aquaman is still a stalwart member of the team. That said, he's had a hard time being taken seriously over the years, mostly because of his ability to control aquatic life. Aquaman's powers have been ridiculed throughout pop culture for years due to a complete misunderstanding of how his abilities work. Although his makeover in many film and television dramas has improved his image, many people still equate the King of the Sea with a person who talks to marine life.

However, thanks to a few demons, Aquaman's true powers are revealed, which isn't pretty. In Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang's Monkey King #9, the demon lord Fire Bull King breaks into LexCorp with his two underlings, the Golden Horn King and the Silver Horn King. These two demons just recently drained Batman's life energy and Aquaman each gained hero-based powers. Demons have broken into an area where there are many Bizarro clones. They awakened an imperfect copy of Superman from slumber, and Bizarros almost immediately attempted to attack the group. However, the Silver Horn King used the ki he collected from Arthur Curry and summoned the "power of the Immortal Voice". The Bizarro group paused their attack at the demon's command and lined up for the Fire Bull King to devour them and the remnants of their superhuman energy.

Aquaman Secretly Has A Terrifying, Dark Voice Power

Several heroes in the DC universe associate their chi, or life energy, with their special powers. The air of Superman helped Kong Kenan become a Chinese superman, and the air of Batman helped King Golden Horn become a master of fear. In the hands of the Silver Horn King, Aquaman's life force distills Arthur's much-mocked power (namely fishing) into its most terrifying form. This shows that Aquaman's powers are actually no joke, as it's essentially total control over other creatures.

The joke is hilarious and it's about Aquaman chatting with sea creatures and seeing his powers in the ocean The Silver Horn King in his hand is really terrifying. Like the Man in Purple or Lord Maxwell, characters who can control the behavior of others through words make for some of the scariest villains because they strip their victims of their autonomy and can force them to do anything. On the surface, Arthur's powers seem whimsical, since he only works with sea creatures. But as the Demon demonstrates, Aquaman's abilities are among the creepiest powers anyone can possess.

Fans who want to experience the terrifying truth behind Aquaman's powers can witness it for themselves in Monkey King #9, available now.

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