All GTA Online Mortal Kombat 2 Weapons, Ranked

The MK2 weapon is one of the best in GTA Online, but with 12 to choose from, players need to be sure the upgrades are worth the money.

In the action-packed and crime-filled world of Grand Theft Auto Online, players should choose their weapons carefully. Every weapon is viable, but some offer greater tactical advantages in combat. Objectively speaking, the Mark 2 (or MK2) weapon is a safe bet and one of the most powerful guns in the game. But they also cost a fortune, so players should know what they're getting into before buying.

All 12 MK2 weapons in GTA Online are fairly long-term investments. Players must first own the base version of the gun before taking it to a weapons workshop to purchase the premium version. But as long as players make a quick buck in GTA Online and arm themselves with the following knowledge, they'll be able to use the best (and avoid the worst) MK2 weapons to annihilate their competition in no time.

GTA Online's Special Carbine MK2 Is The Best Weapon

Of all the MK2 upgrades, the most powerful and versatile is the Special Carbine MK2. This assault rifle is highly customizable, and it's particularly adept at using accessories like extended clips and heavy barrels. although it doesn't With the highest DPS in the game, its ease of handling is what really makes it stand out. The Special Carbine MK2 has minimal spread and is consistently accurate in both short and long range engagements. It's one of the more expensive mods, at $135,000 - but as long as players have this weapon in their inventory, they'll be ready for anything that comes their way in GTA Online.

One Sniper Outshines The Other In GTA Online

Sniper Rifles are a weapon that every GTA Online player should own, as they are powerful and useful for taking out nasty enemies from a distance. In the MK2 arsenal, there are two different sniper rifles to choose from: Marksman Rifle MK2 and Heavy Sniper MK2. The Marksman Rifle MK2 is by no means a low-tier option in GTA Online, as it can deal a ton of damage to players caught off guard by semi-automatic fire. Either of these rifles is worth picking up, but the Heavy Sniper MK2 is the more effective choice in almost all situations.

It has a slower rate of fire than its counterpart, but considering its raw damage output, this flaw is forgivable. heavy The Sniper MK2 deals up to 230 damage per shot - a truly unstoppable force when paired with special ammo such as explosive rounds. Any nearby plane or jet in GTA Online feels like dead, and while human targets aren't instantly killed by body shots, a well-placed headshot can do the trick. Since the Heavy Sniper MK2's price is not too different from the Marksman Rifle MK2's at $165,375 instead of $149,000, gamers should always choose the former over the latter.

The MK2 Lineup Has Close Combat Options In GTA Online

Not every player wants to snipe their enemies on the map, they may want to get up close and personal. The MK2 arsenal in GTA Online offers two options for such players: the Pump Shotgun MK2 and the SMG MK2. The Pump Shotgun MK2 outperforms many of its counterparts, such as the Combat Shotgun in GTA Online, and is reasonably priced at $82,000. But at just over $85,000, the SMG MK2 offers gamers a lot more bang for their buck. It has higher damage and rate of fire, making it an ideal weapon for close quarters combat and passing by, where shotguns are hard to come by.

GTA Online's MK2 Rifles Don't Live Up To The Machine Gun

While the Special Carbine MK2 is the best overall weapon in GTA Online, players will also come across a few other Assault Rifle upgrades in the Weapon Workshop. The Assault Rifle MK2, Bullpup Rifle MK2, and Carbine Rifle MK2 are all very similar in terms of firepower. The Bullpup MK2 costs $105,750 and actually has the highest damage per second of any weapon in its class. Assault rifles ($98,750) were a close second, while carbines ($107,500) were the least technologically advanced in this category. But in reality, there is very little difference with these specific assault rifles.

Conversely, one of the best weapons in GTA Online is the Combat MG MK2, as it has the highest auto damage per second of any MK2 gun. As you'd expect from any machine gun, it comes with a ridiculously large magazine and a rate of fire to match, wiping out enemies before they even open their eyes. The upgrade will only cost players a few thousand dollars more, or $119,000, but the extra money is well worth it, as this is one of GTA Online players' favorite weapons, and for good reason.

There's One Viable MK2 Pistol In GTA Online

Pistols may be hit and miss on the streets of Los Santos, and This principle also applies to the MK2 pistol. The default pistol can be upgraded to a Pistol MK2, but thanks to an impressive $73,000 damage increase, this weapon could use GTA 6 tweaks. The SNS pistol is somehow even worse, at a whopping $79,575. But the Heavy Revolver MK2 told a different story. While fairly pricey at $99,000, it's a notable improvement over the original weapon: it fires nearly 50 percent faster and does 25 percent more damage per shot. It even keeps the 60% damage increase to vehicles, but is still just as deadly to humans.

Here's a ranked list of all 12 MK2 weapons in GTA Online based on damage, versatility, and price:

GTA 6 leaks about weapons and combat look promising, but with a release date yet to be confirmed, it looks like players will Spend longer time in GTA Online. The game is almost 10 years old now, so players are more experienced and stronger than ever. Many people may have reason to believe that they have perfected their craft at the game. But by picking a MK2 weapon with a tactical advantage, players can enjoy more than their weapon Enemies in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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