All the Crossovers Between DC Comics and Marvel, Ranked

Marvel and DC Comics have a complicated rivalry, but in the source material, they've crossed paths in various ways throughout their storied histories.

It's not uncommon to see actors, producers, directors, and writers transition from the DC universe to the MCU on screen. In fact, James Gunn recently made the leap from creating the Guardians of the Galaxy series in the MCU to now running the show in the DCU. The comics have seen these two worlds come closer.

Despite viewing each other as eminent rivalries, there are a few notable instances of Marvel and DC truly crossing over in the comics. The page allows for a variety of narratives to be told, though it's fair to say that some are better than others in the way they are portrayed.

Multiverse Easter Eggs

While there is a major crossover between Marvel and DC's characters, there are still Easter eggs that tease the fact that somewhere in the multiverse those offbeat heroes and villains still exist. They're not always obvious, but they add a little depth to the background.

The idea of ​​DC and Marvel living in the same reality forever leads to many interesting, non-gimmick stories. However, examples such as Captain Marvel's nod to Shazam as one of the multiverse heroes with the same title, Narratively shows how the two brands can co-exist for a long time. Those Easter eggs are too few and far between to be on par with a proper crossover, though.

Buried Alien

There is a very specific crossover moment in Marvel's main continuity that actually ties the DC comic book stories together. The character Buried Alien first appeared in Quasar Issue 17. A visitor from another universe, he's one of the few speedsters in Marvel.

Interestingly, he has lost his memory, but still wears a yellow and red costume, which is closely related to his superhero status. This appearance is also linked to Barry Allen's disappearance from DC Comics. Indeed, The Flash himself appears to have had a brief time in the MCU, even if his presence has never been officially confirmed; all signs are evident. It's unclear if Allen made a best friend during his short visit, but there was definitely some fun teamwork!

'Presents' One-Shots

Marvel and DC have collaborated on several occasions on multiple one-off shots. It's often unclear what reality they actually occur in, and it's usually a given "The Gift" banner, where two comic book companies make sure their characters are billed equally.

The X-Men and Teen Titans, Superman and Spider-Man, Silver Surfer and Superman all join forces in this series of one-off shots spanning decades. The story continuities are fairly self-contained, and since they're limited narratives, they don't quite cover the scope of the other projects. Still, it's very interesting to see how these unique personalities interact even in alien realities.

Crossover Earth

While most of the one-shots Marvel and DC embark on are small, quirky, and adventurous stories, the occasional narrative actually takes place on a specific crossover Earth. The plan designated Earth-7642 as the preferred location and began with the first Superman and Spider-Man teaming up in 1976, before ending with Batman and Daredevil in 2000.

The aforementioned one-off shots are all separate from this Crossover Earth line, improving on the concept with a sense of continuity. It makes the story feel a little more real, with some of its arcs moving away from some old book toy sale retro lines. Transboundary Earth has become very dark For example, the areas of Batman and The Punisher are in two arcs, demonstrating the potential of this ongoing landscape that both companies recognize.

All Access/Unlimited Access

All Access and Unlimited Access are two limited releases of 4 issues, focusing on a character named Axel Asher, whose code name is Access. He served as the catalyst that brought Marvel and DC together, and has appeared in other narratives involving intertwined realities, including DC and Marvel.

This character has a rich history in graphic novel lore that can be traced through the great comics app that keeps the narrative archives. Unlimited Access is the sequel to All Access, where some classic villains from both companies cause trouble and iconic heroes have to fight for their reality. It's a great setup for ultimately surprisingly small runs.

Amalgam Comics

The concept behind Amalgam Comics was to see what would happen if some of Marvel and DC's biggest names came together. It was an experimental process that yielded some surprising results, giving birth to the merged universe, and fans still have some mixed feelings about it.

However, the stories in this article The unique crossover is almost unmatched, as the initiative forged new heroes such as Batman/Wolverine combo Dark Claw and Iron Lantern's Iron Man/Green Lantern team-up. A 24-issue saga with titles like Bruce Wayne: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Generation Hex showcase the creativity of creators on these properties. Not everything has worked out, but it's still an exciting prospect.

DC Versus Marvel

The emergence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe has led to numerous filmmaking comparisons of the two worlds. In the comics, though, fans won't have to guess how the two brands will battle it out. DC vs. Marvel has any questions answered for them.

The 1996 4-issue miniseries delivered on every promise, pitting two factions against each other and major conflicts, including Namor and Aquaman, Elektra and Catwoman, and Superman and the Hulk. This story introduces Access, forges the Amalgam Universe, and ultimately decides the Marvel victor. It's a very satisfying read that leads the way for many more.


In 2003 and 2004, the unthinkable happened. Marvel and DC agree to bring their most prestigious Teams play against each other in a finite series set in a continuum of two realities. JLA/Avengers is one of the more recent attempts to bring these two separate creations together, and it's largely one of the most successful.

The Grandmaster ended up being an important catalyst for this confrontation, despite the traditional trope of two sides fighting before forming a team. Ultimately, no clear winner was identified given the stakes of such a decision were too high, but as a complete story that hits all fan expectations, it's a perfect crossover read. However, it can always be defeated if the two sides are to strike another deal.

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