90 Day Fiancé: How Sumit's style has changed since marrying Jenny

90 Day Fiancé Popular Indian actor Sumit Singh ditched his dull old-school style for a sleek look after marrying Jenny Slatten.

Sumit Singh, India's only 90 Day Fiancé actor, has undergone a major style shift since marrying reality TV star Jenny Slatten. Sumit worked in a call center in his early 20s. He happened to send a friend request to Jenny Slatten, a woman 30 years his senior, using a fake account. Sumit continued to tease Jenny for over a year, but the two developed a relationship and Jenny fell in love with the real Sumit.

It's been over 10 years since Sumit and Jenny started their journey, and they've faced more obstacles than happiness in the past decade. Sumit had to lie to Jenny that he was secretly married off by his parents. Also, he held back when it came to marrying Jenny after divorcing his ex-wife. 90 Day Fiancé actor Jenny is still trying to win over Sumit's parents, who don't want an older woman as their daughter-in-law. However, Sumit and Jenny's relationship ticks all the boxes for a 90DF fan. Despite the age gap, the stylish couple is genuine, loving and one of a kind Here are a couple of couples in the TLC collection that have a chance of living happily ever after.

Sumit Starts Trying New Hairstyles, Wows 90 Day Fiancé Fans

During the ten years he waited to marry Jenny, Sumit changed his hairstyle several times. When he debuted at 90 Day Fiancé, however, he was shaggy and sporting a cotton plaid button-down shirt. This signature style could soon change. Next, TLC cast member Sumit opted for a sleek back fade and bushy beard, impressing fans with his versatility and willingness to experiment. For his wedding, Sumit's style was more dry, set and parted at the side. He changed the style by growing his hair longer and more curly, and the look eventually became a fan favorite.

90 Day Fiancé Star Sumit Makes Smart Casuals Look Effortless

After the wedding in August 2021, the new and improved Sumit wears various stylish outfits on a date with Jenny. Sumit's sleek sneakers, white shirt and fitted trousers create a modern power-lunch look. For his vacation, 90 Day Fiancé celebrity Sumit opted for colorful shorts without looking sloppy. He styled it well, adding short-sleeve printed shirts and cool shades. Even a simple pair of blue Jeans and a white tee look comfy and stylish on the 90 Day Fiancé star, who's crafted a chic casual wardrobe for himself. He opted for a look that was instantly recognizable as his own.

Sumit has developed a knack for fusion, combining ultra-stylish outfits with his own traditional Indian boy-next-door look. It helps that Sumit's wife gets credit for doing the same. Jenny's kurtis and salwar kameez outfits are everyone's favorite, and Sumit really has his 90 Day Fiancé star wife Jenny competing with his "less is more" mantra and preppy ensembles.

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