10 must-have art tablets for illustrators

Art tablets are revolutionizing the industry, and these products are sure to help seasoned illustrators and novices alike with their designs.

The art industry is constantly evolving due to the advent of new technologies. With the new year of comic book art upon us, it's no surprise that fans across major publishing houses are looking for the devices these talented artists might use to create their next story.

Whatever the reason behind the illustration, whether it's a personal work, concept art, or part of the wider comic universe, these tablets will ensure that those who pick up a pencil can get the most out of their designs. Not every illustrator wants to turn to technology, but for those who do, these are the tablets to beware of.

Gaomon PD1560

Budget is very important when looking for a tablet for an illustrator. So HD displays can be hard to come by when artists have a limited budget for their work. The Gaomon PD1560 is one of the most gorgeous screens on the market, bringing every creation to life with its high-definition details. ^Selling around $250, it's an affordable kit with a lot of flexibility. Not only does it serve dual purpose with features like Zoom calling, but it also has 1920x1080 screen resolution, 10 easy-to-use shortcut keys, and a smart wireless pen with customizable buttons.

Given the quality of design and versatility for roles such as illustrators, Apple products are some of the most anticipated devices on the market for creatives. The iPad Air is excellent, available in several variants, harkening back to older models that are now available at lower prices. ^Ultra HD screen, attachable keyboard, top-of-the-line pen and iOS software power the device, making it cross-functional with other Apple devices; benefits are exhaustive. While the iPad Air isn't just for art, the fact that it has so many other functions is an important benefit.

iPad Air

Concept artists like Ralph McQuarrie have never used technology like these tablets, but budding talent now has so many tools at their disposal. One of these is the Xencelabs Pen Tablet, which bundles two pens and a customizable remote while still being extremely portable.

While the smaller sizes are less expensive on the market, the mid-size typically retails for around $350, but illustrators can get A lot of their money. The texture of the drawing tablet itself is perfect, and the stylish choice allows artists to achieve a great amount of detail in their digital work.

Xencelabs Pen Tablet

UHD monitors are hard to come by, at least for general use in this particular market. The XP-Pen Artist Display 24 Pro fits all needs. With a 23.8-inch 2K QHD graphics display, no one will argue that this tablet doesn't capture the vibrancy of art.

Retailing at approximately $900, with several additional accessories to personalize the experience, it gives illustrators the freedom to use a fully intuitive display and comes with a USB cable that connects to most devices. 20 shortcut keys mean any artist can set up the tablet the way they see fit.

XP-Pen Artist Display 24 Pro

It's a laptop, it's a tablet, it's every configuration imaginable. The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 wasn't designed to be a drawing device, but that doesn't mean it wasn't built with software that could change the technology, if a seasoned artist had more than $1,000 on their hands.

With the pen an optional accessory, a huge benefit of using the Surface Pro 8 is that it can Windows programs that run any application or software without the constraints a standard tablet might throw at you. With an HD screen and all the usual features of a Microsoft laptop, this can really do just about anything, but it's certainly not a product for beginners.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Some tablets are worth buying when they manage to combine the intuitive design needed by beginners, while also serving as long-term purchases that artists will want to use as they gain more experience. The Wacom Intuos Pro Digital is a perfect fit for this combination.

Available in three sizes depending on the needs of the project, it comes with a Pro Pen 2 with a custom tip, allowing any artist to achieve exactly the look they are looking for in their paintings. With a USB cable and Bluetooth capabilities, this tablet is easy to use and offers a premium touchscreen experience. It retails for anywhere from $150 to $300, depending on size and color.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital

Currency issues are a major factor for those looking to dip their toes into the illustrated waters. Young artists, in particular, are looking for a tablet that will take them up the ladder and allow them to hone their craft without complicating it. State-of-the-art technology.

The Huion Inspiroy H430P is the best choice for these needs. Coming to market at under $40, the 135g weight and 6.3mm width make this a functional piece of kit to use on the go. With an adaptable pen, high resolution and easy connectivity to other platforms, this is a great place for artists to start their journey.

Huion Inspiroy H430P

Those trying to become budding comic book artists looking to replicate the success of the influential Thor's drawer may want to investigate the versatility of the Veikk S640, especially if they're on a very tight budget. Typically costing around $50, the great thing about the Veikk is its size.

This is a portable device, ideal for those who want to create illustrations on the go. Weighing just 117 grams, it's remarkably lightweight, and the Creator Pop allows access to the power of a range of complex systems, from Photoshop to Zbrush and Corel Painter.

Veikk Creator Pop S640

Artists may not always think about the software they get when buying a tablet, but it can really change the way illustrators create. Android is off to a brilliant start At this point, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is worthy of attention.

Since some of the more complex models sell for less than $900, there are cheaper models available that are smaller and have slightly slower processing speeds. Regardless, with so many apps to choose from, a versatile stylus, and a beautiful HD display, the Tab in particular set out to carve out a unique space for itself.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The UGEE Graphics Tablet is another device that's great for those on a budget, aside from that, despite its limitations, it has plenty of connectivity opportunities to work with other software and devices. It feels familiar and intuitive, and the simple design allows novices to pick it up right away.

Buyers can find this product for less than $60, and the range of nibs available offers those in the creative trades a wide range of visual styles to experiment with. The 10x6 drawing space allows for a lot of maneuverability, which is rare in this price range. But it's the capabilities of software like iOS that make the product such a niche market.

UGEE Graphics Tablet

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