10 Great 2000s Sci-Fi Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Today

The best sci-fi movies on Netflix come from every era, but the 2000s are especially good.

With Avatar: The Way of Water reviving public interest in sci-fi movies, many Netflix subscribers will be eager to see what the platform has to offer them in the genre.

While the original Avatar is not currently streaming on Netflix, there are many other great sci-fi movies of the 2000s that are now available and attest to it, and the best sci-fi movies on Netflix come from a variety of different genre eras, The ones from the 2000s were great.

Star Trek (2009)

Director JJ Abrams to breathe new life into the Star Trek franchise so he could create a series of new films. While the story in the film uses characters and designs from the original series, Abrams' film takes a fresh tone and looks to the franchise.

The original Enterprise cast of youth battles time-traveling Romulan villains in a plot that incorporates many of the franchise's hits and even more of Abrams' breathless action. What really makes it shine, though, is the cast, which stars in many beloved roles.

The Mist (2007)

Adapted from the stories of prolific horror author Stephen King, The Fog is a dark tale of social collapse and survival in a grocery store that is suddenly surrounded by a thick fog containing terrifying and deadly monsters.

As in the best Stephen King stories, the real horror lies in the characters' thoughts and the decisions they make, and director Frank Darabont takes this idea to the extreme. The film has an infamous ending, ending its disturbing look at the human psyche under stress and having the ability to captivate audiences days later.

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

Director Jon Favreau has made this Jumanji spinoff a classic of modern children's cinema through his famous balancing act with practical and computer-generated effects. Like Jumanji, the movie tells the story of two kids playing a mysterious board game that comes to life and takes them on a dangerous adventure.

Unlike the jungle adventure theme of the Jumanji movies, Zathura takes the action to space and entertains sci-fi fans with many vintage designs that have been freshly reimagined for modern effects.

Men In Black II (2002)

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return in this sequel The 1997 hit sci-fi comedy Men in Black. The duo play alien police agents who must save the world all over again as they return to the groove they lost at the end of the previous film.

For sci-fi fans, though, it's Rick Baker's extensive alien design and execution that shines in the film. Men in Black II expanded the series' already weird and wonderful universe and set the stage for many more sequels to come, so it's still worth watching 20 years later.

Land Of The Lost (2009)

Based on the 1970s series of the same name, but only in name, Land of the Lost takes Will Ferrell and Danny McBride's comedy riff and puts it in a fantastic sci-fi adventure.

Given that the premise revolves around scientists trapped in a time warp with dinosaurs, it's no surprise that the film chooses not to take things as seriously as most sci-fi comedies. However, the talent of the cast warrants a shift in tone, making it a good choice for Netflix subscribers looking for a lighter side of sci-fi.

Spider-Man (2002)

Sam Raimi Helped Define the Modern Era of Comic Book Movies With his live-action blockbuster about the origin of Marvel's iconic hero, Spider-Man. While many of its tricks and story beats may seem uninspired now, the enthusiasm that brought them to screens for the first time still shines through 20 years later.

With Tobey Maguire perfect as Peter Parker and Willem Dafoe delivering an unforgettable performance of Green Goblin madness, Spider-Man remains an unrivaled modern classic about superhuman scientists wreaking havoc in New York.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Sam Raimi and his team double down on returning for the sequel that made the first Spider-Man movie so good, while Alfred Molina plays Dr. Octopus, another runaway scientist in this era born.

While developing the romantic storyline established in the first film and expanding the action sequences, Spider-Man 2 also set an epic conclusion. The movie is often considered one of the best comic book movie sequels ever made, if not just one of the best sequels ever made.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

While it was not as popular as Raimi's first two Spider-Man films, and plans for a fourth film sadly never materialized, Spider-Man 3 still packs in all the charm and action that made other movies so great.

The film is an emotional conclusion to Harry Osborn's serial plot, pitting Spider-Man against three villains at the same time: The Sandman, the New Green Goblin, and Venom. While that might be too much for some, it ensures the story and action are never dull.

Resident Evil (2002)

The world's most famous zombie survival horror video game series got its first live-action film in 2002, starring Milla Jovovich, and while the film may only incorporate some elements of the game, it developed Its own fan base and series sequels.

The film follows a group of soldiers who must infiltrate a top-secret biological weapons facility controlled by a rogue artificial intelligence. They soon discover that experiments at the facility have caused a zombie outbreak and they must fight to survive. For anyone who likes a mix of sci-fi, horror and action, this is a great guilty pleasure.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

Milla Jovovich Returns for Paul W.S. Sequel. Anderson's original Resident Evil movie will fight one of the most iconic monsters From the video game, the dreaded Nemesis.

Apocalypse takes the story from a secret underground location and places it in a city devastated by a wider zombie outbreak. The focus on over-the-top action and reinterpretations of the game's classic characters satisfied fans of the original and set the tone for four more Jovovich-led sequels, all while being hilariously entertaining in the process.

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