1 Full House details prove Jodie Sweetin was always the perfect choice for Stephanie

Tanners is played by an excellent actor, but a Full House audition detail proves that Jodie Sweetin was always the perfect person to play Stephanie.

Among the much-loved ensemble cast, Jodie Sweetin was always the perfect choice to play Stephanie on "Full House." While it was never a critical favourite, Full House was recognized for showing the highs and lows of parenting from the perspective of both parent and child. This made Full House relevant to a wide audience and led to a nine-year run on ABC. However, its narrative wouldn't have worked without a stellar cast. It's funny how an actor doesn't go through a rigorous audition process to land their role because the producers already know they're perfect for a particular role.

When Full House ended its eighth season, the story of the Tanner family on the small screen appeared to be over. Although no longer working together, most of the cast members still keep in touch, having regular small get-togethers. While it took a while to get the spinoffs moving, it wasn't until 2016's Netflix's Fuller House that it became a reality, as the original sitcom's main cast returned to reprise their roles. The lineup includes Jodie Sweetin, whose simple Full House casting process has always proven to be the perfect choice for the role of Stephanie.

Jodie Sweetin Never Auditioned As Full House's Stephanie

All members of the Tanner family have their Personally charismatic, but it was clear from the start that Full House's standout roles are Danny's three young daughters: Candice Cameron-Bray as the eldest DJ, Judith Whiting as Stephanie, The Erson twins took turns playing Michelle. All four young actors played their roles brilliantly, but when Cameron Bray and the Olsen family auditioned for the part, Full House creator Jeff Franklin decided on Sweetin as Stephanie. According to Franklin himself (via Variety), Sweetin appeared to Valerie when she was four years old, leading him to believe she would be perfect for Tanner's second daughter, and the young actress subsequently appeared in Was selected without an audition.

Jeff Franklin explained that John Stamos was another Full House actor who was not required to audition during the casting process, calling him "the only name on the list" for Uncle Jesse, Uncle Jesse It was "Uncle Adam". However, Franklin went further when discussing Jodie Sweetin and Stephanie. After seeing footage of Sweeting in Valerie, Franklin claims he immediately decided to write about the young man. Sweetin was always Stephanie's only consideration in Full House, proving that the actress is perfect for her onscreen role.

Why Jodie Sweetin Was Perfect As Stephanie Tanner

Although Full House is an ensemble show, some Fan favorites inevitably emerged. John Stamos is the perfect rocker for Jesse Katsopolis. Michelle was loved for her adorable performance by the Olsen family and her close relationship with Jesse. Yet Stephanie is a constant scene-stealer with her eccentric personality, snappy comments and cheeky demeanor, all of which are perfectly captured by Sweetin. These same characteristics prove why Stephanie is the ideal Fuller House protagonist. She has the funniest arcs on Branch as she navigates complex thoughts about becoming a mother, and Sweetin brings those new qualities to life.

Sadly, the Netflix spinoff failed to capitalize on Stephanie's appeal, instead focusing most of its time on the DJ's love life. While Tanner's eldest daughter's personal story was a springboard for Fuller House, it would have been much better if the focus had shifted to Stephanie after the DJ's initial problems had been resolved. Like in Full House, Sweetin still manages to steal scenes, proving Franklin right in recruiting her on the flagship sitcom. If Fuller House season 6 does happen, Stephanie should end up at the center of the storytelling and give Sweetin the attention she deserves.

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