007: 15 Facts About James Bond That Fans And Newcomers Need To Know

James Bond has been the secret agent of choice since his first missions in the 60s, but people need to know more about 007.

James Bond is one of the most legendary secret agents in all of fiction. Because of him, he inspired video game characters like Solid Snake and created parodies like Austin Powers. This character has been through so many missions and appeared in countless media.

However, newcomers may not know everything about James Bond. The information ranges from simple explanations of his background to little-known facts like his actual first live-action appearance, all rooted in Ian Fleming's book where Bond first saw life middle. ^Many fans may not be aware that there is actually a tradition about what car James Bond drives. A handful of British manufacturers are responsible for supplying the cars for the James Bond production, including Aston Martin, Bentley and Lotus.

The 007 Automobile Tradition

It is rare to see Bond drive a car that wasn't built somewhere in the UK, and the cars he uses are usually either top-of-the-line models, or haven't even been released to the public at the time of recording. This tradition will continue with every actor in the future.

James Bond has boasted about some ridiculous gadgets over the years Newcomers will get used to seeing all kinds of exotic inventions. The assumption is that most of them are fake and don't work in the real world, but in reality each piece has a layer of reality.

James Bond's Real-World Technologies

Whether it's his jetpack or his custom-made briefcase, maybe even his fingerprint gun; all of these weapons and gizmos are based on legitimate designs and are often made for the film by outside companies. So every James Bond actor has access to real devices, even if they don't do real damage.

Thunderball has a special place in James Bond history. The original novel with the same story was written by Ian Fleming, but based on a narrative written by Kevin McClory intended for use in the Bond script. This means that rights to parcels of land are complicated.

The Rights Debate For Thunderball

McClory ended up making a big-screen adaptation of Thunderball, but would also use the rights he was entitled to to make his own James Bond film with the same premise, titled Never Say Never Again, which itself looks awkward in the Bond canon.

The James Bond theme is iconic as the character himself. It plays in all of the movies and outlasts any actor in the role. The music itself encapsulates 007 as a character and sets the tone for each adventure, but it wasn't originally intended for Bond.

The Franchise's Theme Tune Wasn't Meant For Bond

It is revealed that the score was originally composed for V.S.'s musical adaptation. Naipaul's novel The House of Mr Biswas. History would have been very different if that famous piece of music had actually been brought to the stage instead of the big screen.

M or mother as is usually an assumption of the title, the name of the head of the British Secret Service. Judi Dench is the most famous and consistent M in movie history, although Ralph Fiennes has recently become M's replacement. In fact, the character was inspired by a real person.

The Real Inspiration For M

Ian Fleming borrowed many aspects of M from Sir Mansfield Smith-Cunning, the real head of MI5 and MI6. The M in the title is directly inspired by the name Mansfield, as well as many features of the cast of characters originally portrayed. In fact, the real world has been influence the writing of writers.

Apparently, James Bond is a British icon, but his ancestry is actually Scottish. Nowhere is this more evident than in films like Skyfall, in which Bond visits his Scottish home and is nearly killed by villains. However, Bond's lineage doesn't become prominent until later in the books.

James Bond Is Scottish Thanks To Sean Connery

Ian Fleming added Bond's Scottish roots after Sean Connery's success as famous spy Dr. No. Connery is of course Scottish. Specifically, Fleming added these Scottish details to the 007 book You Only Live Twice, cementing Bond's lineage forever. Connery later starred in a film adaptation of the book, though it barely matched the source material.

Since his first film, Bond has been equipped with his classic modified Walther PPK. Originally a user of the Beretta 418, from Casino Royale to From Russia With Love, Bond swapped his weapon for the Walther in the movie Dr. No. That's because Fleming was contacted by fan and gun enthusiast Geoffrey Boothroyd, who criticized his choice of pistol.

Fanmail Made The Walther PPK 007's Signature Weapon

Specifically, Boothroyd disputes Beretta's limited bullet types, while Walther used A more versatile caliber, the bullet of which can be found anywhere in the world, suitable for Bond's round-the-world adventures. Following this advice, Fleming replaced Bond's signature weapon, with the Walther established as his signature weapon. Fleming thanked Boothroyd for naming the MI6 armourer, Dr. No, after him.

Bond often based his ideas for the character on people Fleming personally met. These include personnel from his time in Naval Intelligence during World War II, an experience that inspired his writing, and even Bond's initial preference for the Beretta 418, as Fleming himself had used it in the war.

James Bond's Name Came From An Ornithologist

However, the name James Bond does not come from any extraordinary individual. Instead, the eponymous ornithologist was the inspiration for Fleming, whose famous spy is now known by name.

Many fans know that Bond often indulges in good food and wine. His favorite drink is Vesper, a martini named after one of his hobbies (shaken, not stirred). Every iteration of the character sticks to this.

James Bond Is A Frequent Drinker, Smoker & Drug User

However, what newcomers may not know is that the character is also a heavy smoker, averaging as many as sixty cigarettes a year. sky. He's also a known drug user, using them to fuel himself during missions. It's worth noting that his drug habit isn't featured in the film, as it would be immediately controversial.

Although Bond has seen some of the most dangerous and even weirdest things known to man, he also has a funny side. In the storyline "Never Send Flowers", he visits EuroDisneyland (now known as Disneyland Paris) with his girlfriend.

James Bond Loves Disney World

Bond was supposed to spend a few days there, but he ended up liking the place so much that they stayed for a full week. The story even ends with a climactic fight and shocking scene in theme park. It shows that even this ruthlessly effective MI6 spy/assassin has a lovable, almost child-like side.

As previously mentioned, Bond is an avid drinker, enjoying everything from martinis (shaken, not stirred) to whiskey. However, when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, he is an avid coffee lover. Specifically, his favorite coffee is Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee.

James Bond Hates Tea

That being said, he absolutely despises tea, which he considers the equivalent of mud. In fact, he disliked it so much that he thought it was the cause of the downfall of the British Empire!

Bond, who carries out the mission, is very calm and sophisticated. Eating the best while drinking good wine is basically part of the job. However, when he's not protecting the queen and country, he's more grounded.

When He Isn't On Mission, James Bond Doesn't Eat Extravagantly

While working, he eats exotic food in various places and countries he visits. But when he returned to his flat in England, he ate normal British food. This included grilled halibut and cold roast beef with potato salad.

Despite Bond's astonishing number of women (so to speak), Bond was actually married at one point in his life. It is worth noting that this marriage was very short-lived. During On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond weds Teresa di Vicenzo (later known as Tracy Bond), an unexpected but heartwarming decision for the Playboy spy. Tragically, she was assassinated in a drive-by shooting by Blofeld in both the movie and the novel.

James Bond Married Once & Had A Son

Many fans like to think that Tracy's death is the reason Bond lived an adulterous life like him Fear of committing to someone again knowing full well that his job could cost them their life. Bond also kissed Suzuki in "You Only Live Twice" and gave birth to a son named James Suzuki. Sadly, Kissy also died of natural causes.

Bond is a versatile character. He's done a lot of damage in every movie, book, comic, and pretty much every medium he's ever touched, and it seems like he's capable of pretty much anything the plot calls for. This includes shooting almost any type of gun, defeating powerful and imposing villains, and speaking different languages, just to name a few.

James Bond Is A Jack Of All Trades, But He's Not The Best At Everything

Having said that, Kingsley Amis's book The James Bond Dossier makes it clear that while Bond was excellent, he was still easily eclipsed by his mentors defeat. Not only that, but in sports like hand-to-hand combat or golf, he's good, but not the best. This adds a subtle touch of realism to the fictional spy out of this world.

Bond has been in movies since the 1960s, and as such, he has been played by many actors. Although Bond is officially played by six actors (Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig), eight people in total actually played him. The other two are Barry Nelson and David Niven. Nelson is actually the first Bond actor to do so in the climax of a TV show! The Casino Royale segment (above left) failed to spark interest in the proposed Bond TV show. This episode predates Dr. No by eight years. Meanwhile, Niven played an elderly retired Bond in the 1967 film Casino Royale (above, right), which parodied Dr. No and other spy stories of the time.

James Bond Has Been Portrayed By 8 Actors (So Far)

Each release helped cement a generation of Bond fans. Some people like the classic version of Connery, while others might like Moore's wildness. Newcomers might appreciate a modernized Craig film. Whatever your taste, there's something for everyone at Bond.

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