X-Men welcomes Ms. Marvel to the team with stunning fan art

Ms. Marvel heads to Krakoa as she welcomes herself as the newest member of the X-Men with stunning new Marvel Comics fan art featuring the young hero.

In stunning new Marvel Comics fan art, Ms. Marvel is welcomed as the newest addition to the X-Men with a hilarious message. In the work of Jahnoy Lindsay, Kamala Khan is welcomed by several of the most iconic mutants, including Storm, Iceman, Wolverine, Rogue and Kitty Pryde. The hero receives messages of support from the Marvel mutants: They hope she survives the experience.

In new fan art by Jahnoy Lindsay (Kate Bishop: Hawkeye), Ms. Marvel joins the newest addition to the X-Men. The image shows Kamala Khan surrounded by mutants, and several heroes including Cyclops and Kitty Pryde appear in the artwork. When Ms. Marvel is greeted by the X-Men, she gives an uncertain smile and shrugs, and says "hope you survived," underscoring the dangers ahead. While the art references Kamala's mutant spy plane from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's possible that Marvel Comics will soon follow suit and change the hero's inhuman origin.

While Ms. Marvel is not a mutant in the current Marvel Comics series, the Marvel Universe version of the character, played by Iman Villani, had a major origin change in the live-action world, as she was revealed to be a Mutants, not Inhumans like her comic book origins. Her connection to the X-Men was actually the original plan for the character in the comics, with Ms. Marvel co-creator Sama Amanat revealing that she intended to make Kamala Khan a mutant before she turned into a mutant. Well, Marvel Comics was pushing the plan with the X-Men at the time and not with the X-Men, since they didn't have live-action rights to the character when Ms. Marvel was created.

Finally, fan art showing how good Ms. Marvel looks alongside the X-Men in the pages of Marvel Comics. It seems inevitable that Kamala Khan's origins from non-human to mutant will eventually happen in the comics as well, since the comics have already made some notable changes to the hero based on the live-action version of the hero. However, considering she was always destined to be a mutant in the comics, this isn't the most shocking reconnaissance for readers.

Jahnoy Lindsay's fan art teases what might happen next in Kamala Khan's upcoming story in the Marvel Comics Universe. Of course, there's no guarantee she'll join the X-Men and become a mutant, but it sure would be fun See Ms. Marvel join the mutants on Krakoa and act with the superteam for a long time.

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