WWE SmackDown Could Have 2 Huge Bray Wyatt Problems

It makes sense to be patient as wrestling storylines unfold, but WWE could push fans to the limit with Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt has been one of the most discussed WWE wrestlers since the weeks leading up to Extreme Rules. He's been steady on SmackDown since then, and Wyatt's feud with the LA Knight in late November was one of the most interesting events in the business. The show was full of mysteries, and Bray insisted he wasn't the one attacking Knight backstage. Fans seem hooked as they're drawn in by the drip-fed QR codes and cryptic clues surrounding Wyatt and Mr. Howdy. So what happened the past few weeks to chill the project? there is nothing. This is one of the looming issues facing WWE with Bray Wyatt's current feud.

It's been over three months -- a quarter of a year -- since Bray Wyatt re-entered the company -- and developments on this story have been happening at a glacial pace. The White Rabbit trailer first aired on September 19, when Hangman asked, "Who killed the world?" The answer was "You did," and it was teased that Wyatt would debut on September 23. Turns out it's a bit of a bait and switch, as the former Eater of Worlds doesn't suddenly come back on top WWE shows Extreme Rules until October 8th. The re-entry was welcomed with fanfare, but the white-hot entrance only made up for the lack of story development for so long. That's a real problem for the supposedly top babyface wrestler on SmackDown. Especially with a key player like Drew McIntyre struggling to reclaim that spot.

Too Many Appearances & Too Few Developments For Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is one of the best promos in professional wrestling. He has a natural charisma that seems to resonate with the audience no matter what he's doing. The problem is, since Bray Wyatt returned in Extreme Rules, all he's done is talk. That might be fine if fans are witnessing a steady plot progression, but that's not the case yet on SmackDown. Rather than feeling like a chapter of a book, each episode feels like a paragraph on a page of that chapter. This cadence of watching paint dry stretches the disbelief the audience is willing to suspend to the limit, thanks to the "weird" and supernatural bent of Wyatt's gimmick.

When standard wrestling promos or shows fall flat, it's easy to move on from them. Things like that happen. WWE Produces Dozens of Hours of Content Weekly public consumption, it can't be all Mankind, and The Rock's famous "This Is Your Life" segment. The odd laugh echoing throughout the arena as the lights flickered and a man in a cartoon oversized hat stood at the top of the ramp, idling for two minutes, will be etched in the fans' minds. And not in a good way.

WWE's next premium live event is the Royal Rumble, which airs on January 28. If the plan is for Wyatt's first actual match to take place on the show, expect this storyline with LA Knight to pick up some steam in the coming weeks. At this point, however, brutal pacing is just one of WWE's problems with Bray.

Alexa Bliss' Development On Raw Has Become More Interesting

It didn't take long for WWE to determine that Wyatt's return would have an effect on Alexa Bliss. The two never bowed to their angles when Bray was The Fiend, so it makes sense. There are subtle signs and signals that Alexa Bliss will finally turn to the dark side, which finally comes to fruition on the December 19th episode of Raw. Bliss grabs a glass after a backstage interview with Bianca Belair vase and hit the women's champion on the head with it. Alexa Bliss did more action on the stunt in just a few seconds than Wyatt did on SmackDown in three months.

This is more interesting, especially when comparing Bliss' development to Bray's. As Wyatt expresses his frustration at not being understood on the blue brand and flees his dark urges, Bliss interacts with them onscreen. Wyatt has vehemently denied having anything to do with Alexa's attack on LA Knight in broad daylight. Bray Wyatt's claim not to be allied with Uncle Howie may prove untrue, but it means, for now, he's a guy in a sweater trying to get on with the live mic His demons made a deal. It was fun for a few weeks, but a few months later, Bliss' complete turnaround was emotion in action.

Wyatt's feud with LA Knight did not die down. Not very far, but WWE is creeping into some territory that can become stale and boring. Viewers have seen Wyatt threatening and attacking backstage staff and camera operators, but he remains unimpressed by anything he has to do With the attack on the knight. Maybe the Dec. 23 episode of SmackDown will show that Wyatt will get more physical improvements. Waiting more than four months between his re-emergence and his first match at the Royal Rumble felt like a lot of drag, and WWE "we're not sure where that's going yet". That may not be the case, but fans have run out of reason to be patient as Bray Wyatt weaves this story. It's clear: The return had better be stellar, or Wyatt's comeback might have been in trouble.

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