Why Welcome to Plathville fans think Nathan Meggs' IG account is 'creepy'

Nathan has a secondary IG account dedicated to his ex-girlfriend. He never deleted it, and fans couldn't stop talking about how creepy it was.

Nathan Meggs was often quiet and detached during Welcome to Plathville. He prefers to stay away from drama and conflict, but when tensions arise between his sister Olivia Plath and the Plath family, he's by her side for support. Nathan has proven that he will go to any lengths to help his loved ones, but fans found his social media accounts to display this quality a bit creepy.

Compared to his popular Welcome to Plathville sister Olivia, Nathan doesn't have as many followers on Instagram. His account is often filled with positive advice and updates about his life. However, Nathan has a second Instagram account, which fans of Welcome to Plathville on Reddit find extremely odd. Redditor Affectionate_Trash89 started a thread, writing, "The username is actually its_allabout_her and it was all about his ex-lover. I think in the end she had a really bad car accident (she survived) and he used it to Funded me to get promoted, but I don't think it started that way. I think maybe it started out as a creepy devotional page, but then some other posts maybe got deleted, it got funded my post, a Creepy devotional post, and a post to Mama Meggs. ”^ Nathan’s second Instagram account is about his then-girlfriend Frida Aguilar. The couple dated for 6 months, but many fans believe the two are no longer together as Nathan has been dating since 22 December 2020 No new posts were posted. Nathan and Frida had a difficult relationship when they were injured in a car accident. Still, it didn't affect how Nathan, Welcome to Placeville, felt for her, and he posted multiple posts celebrating them He also kept updating his followers on Frida’s progress and tried to raise donations for her medical expenses. While this might seem like a sweet and endearing gesture to some, many A fan of Welcome to Plathville felt he needed to make a call Redditor Ok-Height-6524 commented on the post, "Painful to read...wow...he overshares on almost every post - like which boy do that? ? I'd say she's lucky to get rid of him! ”^ In his Instagram post, Nathan confessed his deep love for Frida despite their short time together. November 22, 2020, The Welcome to Placeville star wrote, "I still love you Frieda more than I did before all this if nothing else. I wish I could help. But I'm learning to trust that God has to And use me and I have to be willing to get out of the way. I can't wait to see you again, baby. You may not remember me because of trauma and amnesia. As much as it hurts, I know I still want you in my "It's clear that Nathan was a committed boyfriend, leaving fans wondering what brought their relationship to an end. These posts suggest that perhaps the relationship has grown too quickly. SNARK63 commented on the post, "Look at that, super creepy stalker vibe..."

Nathan Meggs Is A Devoted Boyfriend

However, his first post on the account on May 10, 2020 was dedicated to a completely different woman's. He wrote a heartfelt post to his mom, Karen Meggs, celebrating her and all she's done for him and wishing her a happy Mother's Day. While many Welcome to Plathville fans on Reddit were confused by Nathan's account and thought it was weird, others didn't judge him either Seriously, considering he was young and had a protected childhood. Reddit user mencryforme5 responded to the post, "It's like tattooing couples two months after your first relationship. Very cringe. But I give obvious immaturity a pass."

More: Why Fans Think Lydia Meggs Will Be Welcome To Plathville^ Sources: Nathan Meggs/Instagram, Affectionate_Trash89/Reddit, Ok-Height-6524/Reddit, SNARK63/Reddit, mencryforme5/Reddit

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