why wednesday doesn't end with xavier

Surprisingly, Wednesday didn't end up with Xavier on her show. Here's why it works the way it does, and whether the two could get closer in season 2.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Wednesday season 1.

Wednesday didn't end with Xavier on Wednesday season 1, though the show seems to be set. While fondness for being alone is one of Wednesday's defining traits in every Addams Family adaptation, Netflix's Wednesday explores the idea that she can find joy in her friends after all. From Enid to Eugene, Wednesday forged a bond in Nevermore, following its titular character. She also developed what appeared to be potential romantic relationships with Taylor and Xavier.

The mystery of Wednesday's monster identity set the tone for season one, creating an atmosphere where no character can be trusted. That's why would-be couples like Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and Tyler (Hunter Doohan) or Wednesday and Xavier (Percy Hines White) risk ending in tragedy — as it did. like that. Taylor was revealed as a monster immediately after Kissing Wednesday, and it seemed certain that she would end up with Xavier at the end of Wednesday season 1. ^Wednesday never focused on any relationship with Xavier in Wednesday season 1. In fact, for most of her encounters with him, Wednesday assumed Xavier was Hyde. wednesday never Developing a romantic interest in Xavier, even the chances of a friendship between the two characters seem slim once she begins to suspect him of being a monster. Although Xavier clearly cared about Wednesday and tried to remain friends with her after the first allegations, there was no romantic relationship between them. That said, Wednesday did play around with the idea of ​​a love triangle between Wednesday, Taylor, and Xavier.

Wednesday Was Never Romantically Interested In Xavier

Despite Taylor's infamous "mixed signals" remarks, he and Wednesday eventually grew closer, confirming that Wednesday was never romantically involved with Xavier. Unfortunately, Tyler's interest in Wednesday is revealed to be part of a complex ploy by Mrs. Thornhill (played by former Wednesday actress Christina Ricci) to manipulate her. The fact that Taylor interacted with Wednesday even before he was revealed to be Hyde led many to dislike the character. It also helps predict that Wednesday and Xavier will get together sometime in Wednesday season 1, even though the show's finale events didn't happen.

Wednesday took an arrow in the shoulder for Xavier in the Wednesday finale, but by the end of the season, the characters were still not in a relationship. That Speaking, Xavier called Wednesday, hinting that he wanted to contact her during the summer vacation. There is definitely a connection between Wednesday and Xavier, and that connection will likely evolve in Wednesday season 2. That's not to say Wednesday and Xavier will get together in Wednesday season 2, it's just that the characters could become better friends in the future. However, the possibility of Wednesday and Xavier becoming a couple in season 2 cannot be ruled out.

Will Wednesday Become Closer With Xavier In Wednesday Season 2?

While Xavier cannot be said to have feelings for Wednesday, he does enjoy flirting with her. After Xavier and Wednesday were wrongly arrested for being a monster, it seemed like it would take a while to rebuild their friendship, but that wasn't the case. There wasn't much of a time jump between the end of Wednesday's fight with Joseph Clarkstone and the last day of term at Nevermore, but she and Xavier were ready to be friends again. Whether Wednesday and Xavier will be a couple on Wednesday season 2 remains to be seen.

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