Why Teen Mom Fans Think Chelsea And Cole DeBoer Are Forced To Use Their Online Pictures

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have become influencers since starring in "Teen Mom 2," but fans of the series don't like their online personas.

Chelsea DeBoer and her husband Cole have continued to make a name for themselves since quitting Teen Mom 2, but Teen Mom fans who follow the couple online think their social media activity isn't as real as it seems. Chelsea was first introduced to MTV viewers when she gave birth to her and Adam Lind's daughter Aubree on 16 And Pregnant. Chelsea and Adam's on-and-off relationship finally ended in 2014, shortly after Chelsea began dating Kerr. Nearly a decade later, Chelsea and Cole were married and, in addition to Aubrey, had three children: Watson, Lane, and Eddie.

Although Chelsea was an audience favorite, over time she declined to film Teen Mom 2 and eventually left the series in 2020. Chelsea's chronic anxiety and need for privacy were cited as the main reasons for the de Boer couple's exit, but unlike some teenage mom stars who faded into obscurity, Chelsea and Cole's social media accounts continued to grow. When the couple isn't sharing family photos and their home decorating tips on Instagram, Chelsea and Cole can be found participating in the latest TikTok trend. Although DeBoers has millions of fans However, some Teen Mom fans don't feel they are accurately representing themselves online.

Teen Mom Fans Think Chelsea & Cole Try Too Hard

While Chelsea and Cole dislike confrontation and avoid some of the biggest feuds in the entirety of Teen Mom, they love sharing information and gossip like any other couple. The pair often join online trends and upload light-hearted TikToks, but in a recent Reddit discussion started by nahmatey, some Teen Mom fans felt that Chelsea and Cole's attempts at a relationship failed because they were forced. In addition to dozens of users pointing out that the couple was apparently not at Chili's, many viewers called the video "creepy" and wondered what they looked like in real life. Redditor Independent_Ad_3850 wrote, "I always feel like they're trying to convince everyone they're super happy." Another Redditor thugspecialolympian commented sarcastically, "That's the kind of content that social media is missing."

Teen Mom Fans Don't Like Chelsea's Hand Tattoos

Many like Kailyn Former Teen Mom stars like Lowry are known for their ink, so fans had a lot to say when Reddit user rumbumbum2 retweeted a picture of the Chelsea rookie tattoo. While some Teen Mom viewers praised Chelsea's small design, which included hearts, roses and the word "Grateful," most commentators Agreed that Chelsea's tattoos are not only traditional but also do not stay the same over time. Several Teen Mom fans also pointed out that celebs like Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato share similar designs, and felt the trend was overdone and unoriginal.

Despite criticism online, Chelsea and Cole are doing better than ever since leaving Teen Mom 2. Chelsea and Cole, who will join HGTV in 2023 as hosts of a new show, Farmhouse Fabulous, also work with Furniture Mart and have their own line, Down Home DeBoers. While several Teen Mom stars have ended their relationships over the past few years, such as Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley, Chelsea and Cole are still going strong no matter what they share online.

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