Why RHOP Fans Think Robyn Likes It When Things Get 'Physical'

The Genuine Housewives of Potomac are calling out Robyn Dixon and blaming her of finding joy when her co-stars' fighting turns 'physical.'

After observing Robyn Dixon's reaction to Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo's battle, The Genuine Housewives of Potomac fans are persuaded she appreciates it when things get "physical." Robyn has been catching a part more warm in season 7 than past seasons. The OG housewife has made it nearly unscathed all through her a long time on the appear. Whereas she's known for playing sidekick to Gizelle Bryant, season 7 has seen Robyn gotten to be more vocal against her oppressors, for the most part Wendy. When Mia and Wendy got into a yelling coordinate with Mia hurling a glass of wine Wendy's way, Robyn pulled out her phone to record the skirmish.

Watchers are presently comparing Robyn's reaction to Mia and Wendy's battle to Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard's scandalous season 5 brawl. Reddit client u/lagrossefolle posted a side-by-side of season 7 Robyn and season 5 Robyn observing the battling take put and famous how "she appears to appreciate when things get physical." Both photographs appeared Robyn smiling whereas her co-stars got savage. In season 5, Monique and Candiace pulled hair and tossed clench hands amid a wine tasting gone off-base. In season 7, Robyn was upbeat to side with Mia after she tossed a glass of wine at Wendy and attempted to assault her with a handbag. Checking on the photographs apparently highlights Robyn's genuine reaction to physical showdowns. "She’s like a harmed individuals harmed individuals kind of individual," one fan said.

Fans Think Robyn is 'Antagonistic'

The fan accepted Robyn makes time to engage the cast fights due to Juan Dixon's nonattendance on the appear. Robyn and Juan are locked in after being separated for a long time. Fans and the cast proceed to require hits at Robyn's apparently up-and-down relationship with her ex-husband/fiancé. Fans denounce her of encourage increasing the dramatization between Mia and Wendy by recording. "Shooting somebody with the streak on when they are within the center of an contention is the foremost appalling actuation thing ever," one fan composed. "And Robyn calling Wendy opposing. Robyn's Activities were the exemplification of adversarial," joked somebody else. They went on to note Robyn's grin whereas shooting the season 7 battle. "She has what I call the narcissist smile..... she gets a excite when others are in profound strife," they included.

Candiace and Wendy have called out the lip service when it comes to Robyn and Gizelle's reaction to Mia getting physical to when Monique got physical with Candiace. When Monique battled Candiace, Gizelle and Robyn reproved her for getting physical and putting her hands on another lady. Be that as it may, when Mia tossed a glass of wine and attempted to hit Wendy with her handbag, Robyn charged Wendy of "antagonizing" and "teasing" Mia to respond. When makers famous how much Robyn showed up to be on Mia's side, she strongly told them it was since she doesn't like Wendy.

Watchers are presently persuaded that Robyn has never really been against savagery, she is more out to require down those she doesn't like. Robyn has effectively gotten to be the modern reprobate on The Genuine Housewives of Potomac. After seasons of playing the sidelines, Robyn is now one of the foremost talked about cast individuals. Robyn likely features a part to reply for at the season 7 gathering, counting her reaction to Mia and Wendy's battle. In the event that the photographic prove is any great, Robyn might need to clarify how she truly feels when she sees the cast battling and how she oversees to break a grin.

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