Why the Machete Movie Means a Lot to Danny Trejo

Machete star Danny Trejo reveals why the movie and the character still mean so much to him years after it first opened in 2010.

Machete star Danny Trejo reveals why the movie has always been important to him. Released in 2010, Machete has received generally positive reviews with a 71% Freshness rating. Chopper also has Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal and Michelle Rodriguez. The film became even more successful when it was released on DVD the week ending January 9, 2011, debuting at the top of the US DVD sales chart. The sequel, Machete Kills, hit theaters on October 11, 2013, with a trailer for the third film in the trilogy featuring a post-credits scene teasing the third as an upcoming attraction.

In breaking down his most iconic roles for GQ, Machete star Danny Trejo reveals why the role means so much to him. Trejo said that on the first Halloween after Machete came out, he saw kids dressed up as the protagonist, with mustaches, and said, "Hey, Machete!" He loved the costumes and was glad Mexican kids had more Representation, and the option to dress as someone other than Batman or Superman. Check out what Trejo had to say about Halloween:

Will Trejo Play Machete Again In The Future?

Machete may return in the third installment of the series. character first appearance In Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids movie, Trejo later reprized the role in a fake trailer between Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's double feature Grindhouse. With it came Machete, a tribute to B-movie action, and a sequel that, while less well-received than its predecessor, paved the way for another.

The trailer for the third film, currently called "Space Machete", at the end of "Machete" sees the titular character being sent into space by the President (Charlie Sheen) to eliminate a man named The man in the silver mask. While it was never greenlit, Trejo offered an update, calling the film incredibly insane. Recent updates have seen the film delayed, but still at some stage in development. Trejo gave insight into why the film was delayed, and he credits the long-term development to the uninterrupted work and success he has seen from Machete director Rodriguez and himself.

Rodriguez directed episodes of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, the latter including a cameo by Trejo. Whether the iconic machete will return remains to be seen, but Trejo and Rodriguez Continued success it is still a possibility. Given their history of working together, audiences may still see the long-awaited return of Machete.

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