Why Lenny Hochstein Is the Real Villain of RHOM Season 5

The Real Housewives of Miami was a hit. It looks like Lisa Hochstein's ex-husband, Lenny Hochstein, is the Season 5 villain.

Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Miami is hitting fans like a flood, and Lenny Hochstein has officially finalized the season's villain. Plastic surgeons never seem to like cameras or the lack of privacy. So, when it came time to trade his wife for a younger model, he did so without hesitation.

Throughout the first four seasons of RHOM, Lenny and Lisa Hochstein always came across as a loving couple. Lenny and Lisa tied the knot in 2009 despite the stark age difference between them. Lisa loves sharing that she's Lenny's Barbie and throws lavish parties. It's clear that the two secretly want different things out of their marriage, but no one thinks the doctor is cheating.

The RHOM Hot Mic Moment

Lenny doesn't do himself any favors by thinking that if he whispered, he wouldn't be peacocked on revealing that his marriage to Lisa was over. The plastic surgeon caught up to a revealing hot mic moment, noting that he no longer sleeps with Lisa. He said he abstained because in doing so he would be "cheating" on the woman he really loved. RHOM fans were appalled by Lenny's audacity and immediately demanded justice for Lisa.

Viewers also noted that Lenny came across as aggressive and controlling. In the new season, there's a scene where Lisa and Lenny's nanny falls and breaks her arm. Lenny made it very clear that the nanny could not be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. In the confusion, Lisa started calling 911, which left Lenny confronting his wife in the kitchen, who appeared to be very angry. He asked her if she "understood" what he was saying. RHOM fans felt he was too authoritative to her.

Worst of all for Real Housewives of Miami fans, Lisa is defending her marriage in all the new episodes. The mother of two has been sharing with other women that she and Lenny are doing well, and that he's been working out and getting healthy. Sadly, the new six-pack wasn't for Lisa's benefit as he announced he was leaving his wife for a younger model. The ex-couple is now in a bitter divorce battle, Lisa Claims Lenny has been withholding funds. Lenny felt that Lisa was capable of supporting herself.

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